Cerveza Mica: the craft recipe for success

Spanish people have traditionally been real beer lovers. In our territory, a beer is much more than a drink. It represents an excuse to meet and share unforgettable moments with family and friends. Unfortunately, this year we have been forced to change our habits. Bars have closed, and gatherings to have a beer have been drastically reduced for fear of an unknown virus. Despite this, many craft breweries have been working hard to keep improving their products so that when we overcome this pandemic, we can share more moments with renewed and improved beers. This is the case of Cerveza Mica, a brewery which finished the financing round through our platform. 

Perseverance, effort and passion  

Located in the heart of Ribera del Duero, this Burgos brewery has a clear recipe to make the best beers: perseverance, effort, passion and a clear commitment to craftsmanship. A recipe that could also be defined as the recipe for success. 

Beer is a product that combines the bitterness of hops and the sweetness of malt. For Cerveza Mica, this combination of flavors fits perfectly with the definition of 2020. It is proving to be a bitter year due to the health crisis and the situation in the pubs. However, this has not prevented the company from enjoying countless sweet moments. 

Success after success  

Quality is rewarded, and Cerveza Mica knows it well. This year it has received eight international awards in recognition of the quality of its craft beers. Asia Beer Challenge and USA Beer Rating are two of them. In addition, this year Cerveza Mica has joined the selected club of products of El Gourmet de la Roja, a gastronomic project with the objective of transmitting the gastronomic excellence of Spain under the image of the national soccer team that has given us Spaniards so many good moments. 

El Gourmet de la Roja is not the only select club that Cerveza Mica has joined this year. They have also become part of the Círculo Fortuny, a Spanish association of luxury brands where brands such as Loewe, TOUS, Vega Sicilia or Abadía de Retuerta can be found. In addition, the Burgos startup has become the first Spanish brewery to obtain IFS Food, a particularly demanding international certification for food products. 

Cerveza Mica is aware that success should not lead to complacency, but to an even greater ambition. The brewery has the ambitious goal of making its beers the most premium beers in the world, as its Managing Director, Juan Cereijo points out, “all our enthusiasm to move forward remains intact, as does our passion for achieving the best beer in the world.” 

Beer with a wine scent  

Six years after its foundation, Cerveza Mica already has more than 30 types of beer. Its beer production is interesting due to the fact that it is located in a traditional wine region. This geographical particularity is used to innovate by macerating beers in wine barrels (that would normally be used to macerate tempranillo grapes that are typical of the area) and mixing it with barley must. 

At Fellow Funders we are especially proud of the success of Cerveza Mica. It is one of the projects we have helped to finance through our Equity Crowdfunding rounds. The round was a great success, reaching the 125% funding that marks the legal maximum. We are happy to know that the company has been able to use these funds to continue growing and consolidating itself as a reference brewery in the national and international scene, with presence in eight countries. In addition, Cerveza Mica is not only focused on brewing quality. It also highlights the human quality of the group, which collaborates with the Spanish Red Cross and Caritas in the insertion of disadvantaged people. 

For all these reasons, at Fellow funders we are really happy to share Cerveza Mica’s success. We hope that it will be able to improve in the future thanks to their craft recipe based on perseverance, effort and passion.  

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