The top ten best places for teleworking in Spain

Are you teleworking in your company? Working from home can cause stressful situations when we spend many hours at home. To maintain a good concentration capacity and mood, it is important to avoid monotony. One of the solutions is to change your usual home, at least for a while. Here you can learn about ten Spanish towns that can turn the monotony of teleworking into a “vacation” in an idyllic environment:     

  • Agua Amargathis village located in Cabo de Gata, Almeria, has one of the most idyllic beaches in Spain, with fine golden sand and calm waters. In addition, it is a town with character and receives many tourists for its white houses. Besides its inhabitants and visitors,  various types of birds and marine fauna can be found.   
  • Cangas de Onís: in this historic town in Asturias is where the Christian reconquest of the Peninsula began, and therefore has a Victory Cross. Due to the labor situation in Asturias, this is an cheap / affordable place to live that has idyllic landscapes. In addition, Asturias is a region characterized by its exquisite gastronomy.   
  • Comillas: this town in Asturias is full of fine golden sand beaches, cliffs and monuments. It also has one of the most prestigious universities in Spain, Comillas Pontifical University. Teleworking technology is not lacking. In fact, it was the first Spanish town to have access to electricity.   
  • Denia: this beach town in Alicante has a population of 40,000 inhabitants, although this quintuples in summer with the arrival of tourists. However, its good climate allows its inhabitants to swim all year round, making it a good place to combine teleworking with the tranquility of the beach.   
  • Guardo: this town offers beach and mountains, as it is located near the beaches of Santander and the Palentina Mountains, where you can enjoy good views of the famous Ruta de los Pantanos. In addition, it is a very cheap / affordable town to live in and has a good internet connection.   
  • Nerja: Costa del Sol is one of the most popular places for international and foreign visitors, and not only for the summer. In it, we can find towns like Nerja, which has 14 kilometers of coastline and cliffs. In addition, it also has mountains around / close by, offering a great variety of landscapes. 
  • Peñíscolathis town in Castellón is very attractive for tourists in summer thanks to its combination of beaches and natural parks. However, outside this season it is not very populated due to unemployment in the area. This makes it a cheap / affordable place to live, where you can buy a house with a swimming pool for the price of a studio in Madrid.  
  • Ronda: this town is located in Malaga, but it has completely different characteristics than Nerja. Far from the beach, it is in the middle of a plain and surrounded by large mountains. It has great views of landscapes and cliffs and offers rentals at very affordable prices.  
  • Val de San Vicente: located at the mouth of the rivers Deva and Nansa, this Cantabrian village is a cheap place, well connected and with an interesting combination of beach and mountain. For those who want to avoid monotony by practicing sports, it is an ideal municipality, as it allows sports such as surfing or rafting.    
  • VillajoyosaRenaissance walls, cultural museums and paradisiacal beaches. This town in Alicante offers a wide range of activities for those who want to combine teleworking with leisure and relaxation. In addition, its location on the Valencian coast allows you to enjoy a good climate throughout the year.   

 These are some of the most interesting towns to telework in Spain, but they are not the only options. Spain is a country full of charming villages. On the beach, in the mountains and in the plains. Some of them are more touristic and others are less known, but all of them present a great attraction for tourists… and teleworkers. 

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