Goodbye 2020, we won’t forget you, unfortunately!

By these days, we usually write a letter of appreciation to summarize the year that has just finished and to make an approach to positively face the upcoming year. 

2020 has been a year difficult to forget. All of us are tired of bad news, but we must face this new year with optimism. We have many reasons to be excited about, although sometimes is hard to appreciate them.  

The COVID-19 crisis has allowed us to see that we were not prepared in some respects such as digitalization (which was quite shallow) or social values that are not well-approached or undermined. However, it is true that, thanks to this situation, we have learnt, and we can act

Now more than ever, Fellow Funders is willing to help, either by supporting companies to be part of our new economy or byoffering everybody the opportunity to invest in these companies leading the future. Finally, every big crisis empowers the leading future companies. 

This year, we have analyzed more than 600 companies, and  supported 19 of them. Our investors have invested more than 15 million euros, and all thanks to your help. As a result, Fellow Funders has managed to close 2020 by being the Spanish leading platform in Equity Crowdfunding. Moreover, thanks to these investments, we have helped to create more than 400 job vacancies

Although we could not organize on-site events, we tried to be close to you. Throughout this year we have organized more than 40 streaming events, in which more than 2,000 of you have attended. We take this opportunity to personally welcome the more than 15,000 new “Fellowers who have joined our family in this year. 

For all these reasons, we would like to thank each one of you for having placed your trust in us to build your investment portfolio and to grow your companies. All together we will manage to continue aligning the interests of the investor and the company and strengthen the SME fabric of our country during the coming year. 

2021 holds a fascinating decade ahead of us. It will not be easy, but the results will be promising, just as they were during the industrial revolution. Let’s not be afraid… We must prepare ourselves to lead the change, and not let the change lead us. 

We have a long way ahead and we would like to walk along with all of you. So, cannot allow anyone to transmit us their negative thoughts. 

This upcoming 2021 we will introduce you to great companies to support with your investments. We will invite you to some events so that you can listen and talk to the protagonists of this promising future and to get to know us better. 

As Anatole France said, “The future is hidden behind the people who make it” and with all of you, entrepreneurs, businesspeople and investors, we will make this promising future possible. 

You can’t miss it! 

We wish you a very Merry Christmas! 

Francisco Mariscal
Francisco Mariscal
CEO of Fellow Funders

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