Thrive launches its 7th Accelerator Program for agri-food startups

Thrive, the top global accelerator in the agri-food technological industry and the most active investor in the sector, has opened an application process for its 7th Accelerator Program. 

Thrive is looking for emerging agri-food / agriculture technological companies from any value chain area with a technology that led us to a more efficient, sustainable and safe future. The companies must be in their first financing round and present technologies focused on the following areas:  

  • Farm management software, sensing and IOT  
  • Big Data and predictive analytics 
  • Animal health and livestock 
  • Indoor farming 
  • Robotics and automation 
  • Biotechnology 
  • Supply chain management and traceability  
  • Food security 
  • Innovative food (ingredients innovation) 
  • Packaging and freshness solutions 

Thrive will select the top eight companies to participate in its awarded program. It will start in March and finish in June on Demo Day, which will take place in the Fobers AgTech Summit in Salinas. 

The selected companies will be awarded with a personal and virtual acceleration program. It will provide investment, direct access to the biggest agri-food companies and farmers located in the Salinas and Central California region (the industry leaders) and the AgTech Summit mediatic focus. 

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