Fellow Funders launches the first app in Spanish to invest from your cell phone

Thanks to this application, you can easily invest in companies and startups, track your investment portfolio, and access all the information about your investments. This new service is framed within the policy that Fellow Funders has been following for some years to democratize alternative investment.

Fellow Funders has launched the first Spanish Equity Crowdfunding app. The app, available for iOS and Android devices, is intuitive and user-friendly. This way, investors will access funding rounds from their smartphones and not only through the company’s website.

In the main tab, the Fellow Funders app shows users the projects currently in progress, those to be launched soon, and those already funded. To learn more about the company and its operation, users can access the project’s documents by selecting each of them. Likewise, it is possible to invest in those that are currently in the process of a financing round.

The application also provides investors with other tools: access to their investments, review their data, view notifications, view selected projects as favorites, view their investment documents, receive information about invested companies, contact the Fellow Funders team, and access their social networks.

By launching its app, Fellow Funders aims to increase its market through access to cell phones and devices accessible to most of the population. It is part of the firm’s growth strategy, which since 2017 has been offering its clients new services to democratize alternative investment.

Several funding rounds are currently available on Fellow Funders: FoodintheBox, Full&Fast, Marsi Bionics, Modular Home, and Sqrups. After registering on the free platform, users can invest in their favorite projects, either through the website or its mobile app.

Source: Emprendedores

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