Fellow Funders launches Spain’s first Equity Crowdfunding App

“Renew or die.” Based on this saying, Fellow Funders understands that its future as a fintech depends on continuous modernization and digitization.

For this reason, we have recently launched the Fellow Funders App, the first Spanish Equity Crowdfunding App that will allow our clients to invest in the projects they are most interested in with a few simple taps on their mobile screens.

How does it work?

Fellow Funders‘ goal has always been to democratize access to investment, and we have therefore developed an App that is intuitive and easy to use for any user. The first step is to enter your email and password and click “log in.” In case you are not registered with us yet, the App offers the option to create a new user by clicking on the “I’m new, sign up” button.

After entering the App, the user will see a front page that shows the projects in campaign, coming soon or completed. Once selecting one of these options, the user can access:

  • Details. Information on the round’s status and more technical data on the round.
  • Summary. Textual and audiovisual information about the history of the startup, its business model, or the destination of the funds.
  • Investment room. A place for interaction between entrepreneurs and investors, where they can make their queries.
  • Developers. Information about the project’s developers.
  • Documentation. Once the user has uploaded a photo of the front and back of the ID card, the user will be able to access the company’s reports.
  • Opinions. In this space, users can share their opinion on the project and see other perspectives.
  • Reserve investment. This button, located at the bottom of the screen, allows investors to reserve their shares in projects that will be launched soon.
  • Favorite. There is a heart-shaped button in the upper right-hand corner for the user to mark the project as a favorite to view it in the “my favorites” window.

Besides the projects, there is a button in the upper right corner of the screen that gives access to a menu with the following options:

  • Search. It allows users to search for projects.
  • Home. Returns users to the home page.
  • My investments. Users can view their investments and bookings.
  • My data. It provides different options. The first allows users to view and modify their access data, and the second permits uploading their documentation to become an investor. Finally, the third permits users to view and modify their data. Finally, the leftmost button is used to upload receipts.
  • My notifications. Users can view the notifications they receive.
  • My favorites. Allows users to view their favorite projects once they have been marked as such in the project file.
  • My documents. Allows users to view the documents to which they access.
  • Basic information. A must-see window for conscious and responsible investment.
  • Contact. Users can send a message directly to the Fellow Funders team by entering their name and email address.
  • Social networks. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram buttons appear at the bottom to access Fellow Funders‘ social networks.
  • Logout. Logs out of the account being used.

Equity Crowdfunding has come to revolutionize the investment world by allowing any individual with savings to bet on projects that generate confidence. At Fellow Funders, we want you to invest from your cell phone wherever and whenever you want. For that reason, we developed this simple and intuitive app that will allow you to invest as big investors do.

Download the App

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