The Spanish company Full&Fast achieves crowdfunding of 375,000 euros

Full&Fast, a Spanish company developing energy accumulation systems to replace traditional diesel engine gen-sets and generators, has completed a crowdfunding round in which it has raised €375,000, the maximum legal amount allowed considering that the initial target was set at €300,000.

Full&Fast was born in 2017. According to Fellow Funders’ Crowd Investment division and its crowdfunding platform, which is where the Spanish company has raised 375,000 euros, Full&Fast aims to improve the cost of fossil energy (kWh) production by developing 100% sustainable equipment for companies related to transportation and electric mobility, and for users who do not have another form of power supply because they are in a remote location.

The capital raised is earmarked for technology development, co-financed by the Ministry of Industry (IDAE) and the Secretariat of Innovation of the Community of Madrid, and the expansion of the commercial team of Full&Fast, expecting “great growth” in the clean energy market in the coming years.

Its current business model focuses on selling third-party power equipment and components on an exclusive basis. However, the company expects to commercialize its own equipment in the 50kW and 100kW power range by 2023 and 2024, respectively.


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