The curtain (re)opens

“The curtain opens and…” Anytime we heard this phrase, we always waited for the joke. The announcement that the curtain was opening was nothing new to us. However, that was before 2020. Suddenly, the curtain closed. Directors, actors, and theatergoers locked themselves in their homes with the dream that it would open again. No second parts. The mere fact of returning to the seats and the stage became a dream for everyone.

Back to the stage

The dream we have been slowly waking up from turns it into reality. Not without first fighting a hard fight against a virus that, as if we were in the movie Matrix, did not want to let us wake up. The curtain opened… or rather, ajar. Although there were outbreaks, waves, and restrictions, the resumption of the shows was half-hearted. According to data from the Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE), in 2020, there was a 6% drop in the number of people employed in the sector compared to 2019.

With the arrival of mass vaccination, 2021 will hopefully be the year of the definitive return to normality and the stage. Perhaps an even more massive return, if possible. The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of culture and entertainment, especially comedies, to escape daily worries. And it is that sorrows with comedy are less.

42, chance or destiny?

“The curtain opens, and a man visits an acquaintance in the hospital. The room he is in is number 42. Then the man goes to the parking lot to pick up his car, which is in parking space number 42, and goes to his hotel, specifically to room number 42.”

It’s not a joke. It’s a true story. And the main character is Andoni Ferreño, one of the most successful actors on the Spanish scene. Coincidence or destiny? In his work Guía del autoespedista galáctico, Douglas Adams concluded that the meaning of life and the universe came down to one number: 42. So, when Andoni decided to create his own show production company, the name was clear: Cabaret 42.

It is difficult to believe in destiny, especially when it brings us the most tragic events. For this reason, we will probably never make sense of either COVID or 19. But the truth is that Cabaret 42 seems to be marked by a happy destiny: returning to the spectacle and culture that should never have left.

Cabaret 42

Cabaret 42 is a theatrical and digital content production company that has two renowned figures: Andoni and the ex-football player and event organizer Richy Castellanos. In addition, the company has the knowledge and expertise of a multidisciplinary team ready to launch the works offered by Cabaret 42 to the core venues in Spain.

Although only two months old, Cabaret 42 already has the rights to four plays, which are not limited to theatrical activity. The company has two comedies: Boeing-Boeing, which will premiere in Madrid this October, with Jorge Sanz and Andoni Ferreño as leading actors; and Falso Directo, with 2022 as the premiere year, and the famous actress Ana Obregón and Andoni Ferreño in the cast. In addition, they intend to expand their activity to the digital plane with the documentary Richy Castellanos: El hermano español de Maradona and the series Clasificada S.

Invest in Cabaret 42

At Fellow Funders, we know that after the storm comes the calm and, in this case, the show. Because, as Freddie Mercury sang, the show must always go on. And what better way to do it than with the help of those who have always kept it going: the general public. That’s why Cabaret 42 is opening a crowdfunding round through our investment platform to give investors like you the opportunity to invest in culture. Enter our platform and become part of the show from the front row! Discover their project here.

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