Nowture, ‘fuel’ for the health sector: 50 million euros fund to be launched

The Spanish company is working with Fellow Funders to launch a fund to support companies in the health sciences and biotechnology sector.

Nowture steps on the accelerator in the healthcare sector. According to what Mario Grande (CEO and founder of Nowture) has confirmed to PlantaDoce, the Spanish company, a biotechnology ecosystem that offers a comprehensive model of support services for companies in the sector, is developing a fund of around fifty million euros.

This investment fund is the fruit of the alliance between Nowture and the alternative financing platform Fellow Funders. Both companies expect it to be operational in 2022. It will specialize in the life sciences and biotechnology sectors. “Nowture will provide project validation, and Fellow Funders will provide its expertise in the capital markets,” says Grande.

Since the end of 2020, Nowture has been the new corporate image of the investment company previously known as XtartCube. The company has financial instruments with a cumulative value of three million euros, through two investment vehicles, with a portfolio comprising more than five investees. These include the biotech companies Laminar Pharma and Neurofix, currently in the pre-market environment (EPM) of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles, for its forthcoming listing on BME Growth.7

Nowture is a comprehensive service model that starts from investment, accompanying innovative ideas, and the people who make them possible during all phases of the project until they reach the market. The company supports projects in all stages, especially those with semi-validated science that have raised capital, providing investment to achieve regulatory, manufacturing, and commercial objectives. Although the company’s headquarters are in Madrid, it also has offices in Pamplona and Valencia.

Likewise, Nowture has incorporated into its network more than fifteen professionals and scientists of international prestige around a newly created committee of experts to “surround itself with knowledge and boost its growth by identifying new projects,” says Grande.

The international committee of experts, as an advisory and consulting body, will provide transversal knowledge to the Nowture team to evaluate high-potential innovative projects in the early stages (which can be incorporated into its ecosystem) and support the growth of those already integrated into it.

The committee is made up of a network of internationally renowned professionals in different areas of life sciences and biotech from the United States, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and Australia, both in technical and commercial development, as well as in different disciplines (oncological immunotherapy, endocrinology, synthetic biology, development of new chemical and biological drugs, advanced therapies and medical devices, among others).

Among the experts is Ulrich Blaschke, technical vice president of development at BioNTech, who leads the technical part of developing Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine and the biotech company. Also noteworthy is the presence of Javier Joseph Zulueta, chief of pulmonology and ICU service and coordinator of the Sleep and Lung Cancer Unit at Mount Sinai Hospitals in Manhattan and Long Island in New York, as well as Cecilia Garcia, founder of Aura Innovative Robotics.

Source: PlantaDoce

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