Andoni Ferreño, “Equity Crowdfunding will strengthen the connection between culture and the public.”

Andoni Ferreño is one of those actors who conceives life as a play and theater as a way of life. Behind him, hundreds of plays, appearances in famous series such as Amar es para siempre, and international presence in projects in countries such as Italy and Colombia. Now, he has decided to embark on what he describes as his ultimate project. Andoni, with event organizer Richy Castellanos and other show business professionals, founded his own theatrical production company in March: Cabaret 42.

Why 42?

The reason behind the producer’s coining of this number is rather curious. “One day, I went to visit a person in the hospital. This person was in room 42. I then went to the parking lot to get my car, which was in parking space 42. The hotel room I stayed in that night was also number 42. Since then, this number has been a constant presence in my day-to-day life.”, says Andoni.

Launching a theatrical production company is bound to give more than one person a feeling of vertigo, but not Andoni. The actor and presenter is not new to this world. He has already produced his own plays. Andoni has the production rights to the comedy Falso Directo and has given them to Cabaret 42. This play will have Ana Obregón and Andoni himself as the main actors in its cast.

Andoni has no intention of slowing down his acting career after becoming one of the partners of Cabaret 42. The actor is also in the cast of the company’s other comedy, Boeing-Boeing, which will premiere in Madrid this October. “It’s simply a question of teamwork and organization. I immersed in different projects for many years, so for me, it is nothing new”, says Andoni.

The main patron: the audience

Cabaret 42 is the first production company to turn to Equity Crowdfunding as financing. Asked why Andoni explains: “They told us that it could be a good bet. We have to incorporate the new times. It is a way to involve new investors. Equity Crowdfunding will strengthen the connection between the theater and the audience in the coming years since now everyone will have the opportunity to feel a fundamental part of the show”.

Although the company was born to launch plays all over the country, it will not stop there. Cabaret 42 will also produce audiovisual content. The company already has a documentary, Richy Castellanos: el hermano español de Maradona, and a series, Clasificada S. Streaming platforms are revolutionizing the world of culture and entertainment, and Andoni knows it. “It’s a very positive change. These platforms give the option to produce documentaries and tell stories that had not been told before,” he assures.

Fellow Funders bets on Cabaret 42

Cabaret 42 was born as a new project within the culture and entertainment sector, but with the security provided by the decades of passion and professionalism of Andoni Ferreño and Richy Castellanos. For this reason, it was clear to Fellow Funders that this was an attractive project for investors from the moment it was presented to us.

The people who invest in the Cabaret 42 project through our platform will be able to enjoy tickets to the premiere of the production company’s plays. In addition, those who invest more than €2,500 will be able to participate in a “Meet and Greet” with the actors. On the other hand, those who invest more than €25,000 will be part of the premiere Vips. However, most importantly, all of them will have the opportunity to be part of the world of the show from the front row. Are you ready to invest in passion and professionalism? Invest in Cabaret 42 here!

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