Crowdfunding raised almost 170 million euros in Spain in 2020

According to Universo Crowdfunding’s study in collaboration with the Universidad de la República (UDELAR)-Uruguay and Universidad de Jaén, “Report on Crowdfunding in Spain 2020”, Crowdfunding raised €167,029,927 in Spain in 2020, 16.85% less than in 2019.

Once again, lending platforms (Crowdlending) lead the list with €49,158,300 raised. Next are the investment platforms (Equity Crowdfunding) with €44,548,631. In third place comes Real Estate Crowdfunding with €29,319,570. In fourth place comes Donations Crowdfunding with €26,957,162, while Rewards Crowdfunding with €17,046,264 closes the list.

For the first time in several years, there is a decrease in the collection within Crowdfunding in Spain, linked to the situation generated by Covid-19. Although this decline has two key points, it occurs mainly in two types of Crowdfunding: Crowdlending and Real Estate Crowdfunding, and in both cases, the influence of two leading platforms, Housers and MytripleA. Their declines dragged down the overall fundraising when before they expanded it.

Despite this reduction in fundraising, Equity Crowdfunding has remained firm and with record fundraising campaigns. On the other hand, Rewards Crowdfunding and Donations Crowdfunding have increased their fundraising.
In addition, sectors such as Loan Crowdfunding and Real Estate have diversified investments and launched new platforms, encouraging to think that 2021 will be a great year for Crowdfunding.

Crowdlending remains the leader but almost tied

With a share of 29.43% of the money raised via Crowdfunding in Spain, Crowdfunding of loans continues to be the leader in the collection in Spain, despite having reduced the money lent by 40% compared to 2019, when it raised €82,480,570, compared to €49,158,300 in 2020. Large leading platforms that have reduced their collections are the ones that justify this decrease. Most platforms have been maintained and are starting to take off in 2021.
A greater sector diversification leads to the lower weight of large platforms, less dependence on them, and more options for lending and investing.

The three leading platforms are MytripleA, October, and, reducing fundraising in all three cases.

Equity Crowdfunding grazes the top spot

Equity Crowdfunding almost managed to rank No. 1 in 2020 with a market share of 26.67% thanks to the diversification of platforms that are consolidated in the market in Spain and stability in investments that tend to be medium and long term, resulting in raising €44,548,631 in 2020, only 6% less than in 2019.

Regarding the Top 3, they have a very interesting surprise. The Equity Crowdfunding 2020 leading platform in Spain is Capital Cell. The vertical platform focuses on health and biotechnology projects based in Barcelona. Its growth in 2020 has meant surpassing other generalist platforms, and it is already a European benchmark.

Socios Inversores, a guarantee of stability, combines first and second place. This year, it is in the second position with sustained and constant growth.

Finally, Fellow funders is in third place.

Crowdcube has suffered a significant setback in 2020 in Spain, although they are sure that in 2021 it will return to fight for the Top 3. Other platforms that have remained stable have been The Crowd Angel (now called Dozen Investments) and La Bolsa Social.

Real estate crowdfunding, a setback

The more Housers increases, the more sector increases. However, when this platform’s fundraising drops, the whole sector suffers. That has happened so far.

17.55% of the money raised in Crowdfunding in Spain during 2020 was through Real Estate Crowdfunding, focused on €29,319,570, 26.31% less than in 2019. This sharp drop is explained almost exclusively by the excessive dependence on a single platform.

On the positive side, new Real Estate Crowdfunding platforms have emerged. They have already started to finance dozens of projects, diversifying options and risks, balancing the collection between several platforms, and paving the way for this year 2021. Real Estate Crowdfunding will grow again in a sector with many more players.

This year 2020, the three platforms are Housers, Urbanitae, and Wecity. Other platforms such as Civislend, Icrowdhouse, or Stockcrowd have already stably positioned themselves.

Donations crowdfunding, the king of 2020

Undoubtedly, the digitization needed by non-profit entities took a core leap in 2020, where this type of Crowdfunding grew by almost 80% compared to 2019, reaching €26,957,162 raised, a record that should be reinforced in 2021.

Several platforms offer their services in this type of Crowdfunding, highlighting in the Top 3 Stockcrowd, Teaming, and MiGranoDeArena. There are also other platforms to highlight, such as Kukumiku, WorldCoo, or Crowdants, the generator of platforms to raise funds. This latter has increased the collection in many platforms that use its technology by more than 110% in 2020, combining technology with advice and training.

Rewards crowdfunding, growth

With 10.21% of the money raised in 2020 focused on €17,046,264, 7% more than in 2019, this type of Crowdfunding not only endures the pandemic but grows with collection records in the last quarter of 2020.

More than consolidated, it continues to grow to reach untapped sectors, such as entrepreneurs setting up new businesses or projects.

The leader, again, is Verkami, exceeding 5 million euros raised. After ten years in the sector, it is a know-how reference, as well as for professionalism and security. The following platforms are Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Crowdfunding platforms active in Spain, on the rise

Despite what you may think, the number of active platforms increased from 50 in 2019 to 59 in 2020. We should consider that in previous years there were closures of diverse platforms for different causes, while in 2020 many have been maintained, growing in number and tending increasingly towards verticalization, professionalization, and new business models.

This trend will continue in 2021 and the coming years, with more and more vertical platforms in all types of Crowdfunding, with platforms exclusively for equity such as or others for ethical projects such as

The closer a platform is to its community, the more chances it has to succeed.

New regulation in Europe

During 2021 and early 2022, a unitary regulation will finally be implemented throughout Europe, allowing a platform created in Spain to operate in all countries of the European Union and vice versa. The creation of Equity Crowdfunding or Crowdlending platforms will be much easier. As a result, the trend of vertical platforms by sectors, communities, or geographical areas (e.g., regions or even cities) will continue.

The largest collection of data on Crowdfunding in Spain

Universo Crowdfunding, in collaboration with Universidad de la República (UDELAR)-Uruguay and Universidad de Jaén, and with the support of Crowdfunding platform generator have proposed to collect all data of interest about Crowdfunding in Spain. Initially, anyone will have the report on Crowdfunding in Spain in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 for free.

Universo Crowdfunding is not responsible for the data veracity included in the report.


Source: El Confidencial Digital

Media that have echoed the news: News Europa

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