Producing your olive oil at home is now possible! A revolution in a 7,000-year-old sector.

A group of Andalusian entrepreneurs developed a micro mill that extracts and produces extra virgin olive oil at the domestic level, i.e. for home consumption. This innovative machine has its patent and will soon be certified with the EC quality seal. Olimaker is marketed in two versions: Olimaker Home and Olimaker Pro. The company manages to introduce an industrial and laborious process, such as the production of olive oil, into accessible areas such as homes or small olive farms. Olimaker would be like the “Nespresso” coffee machine or the home bread maker but in an extra virgin olive oil version.

Olimaker revolutionizes the olive and olive oil industry after 7,000 years.

The revolution of the olive and olive oil sector (one of the oldest in the world) has come thanks to Olimaker Pro (professional) and Home (home). Both machines combine three different stages of oil production (milling, beating and centrifuging) in a single process and using a single machine. Therefore, by simply introducing the olives (freshly picked or vacuum-packed), Olimaker produces extra virgin olive oil automatically. Just that easy, right from the tree to the table.

These machines have a capacity of 1.5 kg or 3 kg of olives, depending on the version. Extra virgin olive oil is obtained (with cold extraction) in an adjustable time range of 15 to 45 minutes. Olimaker is, therefore, an all-in-one micro oil mill that reduces the industrial extraction process in a portable machine of small size and easy cleaning.

The owners of the patent have targeted both the industrial and domestic markets. On the one hand, the home version (1.5kg of olives) aims at domestic consumers who want to produce their oils for cooking or raw consumption. On the other hand, the professional version (3kg of olives) focuses on professional producers and large olive oil mills. This version allows them to get real-time information on the yield and quality of their olives, apart from sampling and evaluating the production by blending the product.

Home-made oil so far: laborious process, poor results

Anyone unfamiliar with olive oil processing might think that it is as easy as producing orange juice. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In other words, if you squeeze a handful of olives to extract their juice, the only result you will get is a bitter, purple, and very unpalatable liquid.

Yet, a person interested in producing their oil could only do so with devices such as the “Thermomix”. However, this method requires hours of arduous and time-consuming work and constant manual intervention for scarce results, and would only yield 50 ml of oil from one kilo of olives (three spoonfuls of homemade oil, hopefully).  

End to olive seasonality

In addition to having developed the micro mill, Olimaker is currently investigating possible solutions to the olive’s seasonality. The company is focusing its efforts on marketing olives harvested in September, either with longer shelf life or grown in modified and controlled atmospheres.

This way, the traditional olive harvesting season, usually from November to January, could be extended throughout the year. Owners of an Olimaker micro mill will not have to wait the olive season since, through the sale of vacuum-packed bags or boxes of natural olives, they will be able to squeeze extra olive oil throughout the year.

Fellow Funders supports Olimaker.

Helping an innovative national company with cutting-edge technology is one of our main objectives, a very Fellow Funders goal. Our company does not want you to miss the opportunity to support Olimaker in its plans. For this reason, we are going to open funding round so that this Andalusian company can continue developing its business model and bring closer to homes the process of elaboration of a typical product with which all Spaniards feel identified: olive oil.Invest in Olimaker here!

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