Mario Grande, board member of Neurofix: “Our drug did not come about by chance”

On June 3, the CEO of Neurofix, Mario Grande, gave insight into the future of the company and its revolutionary drugs at the Investor Session moderated by the Fellow Funders team.

Some of our previous articles have already addressed neuropathic pain and Neurofix’s research into a safe and successful solution. Although treatments such as pregabalin (the reference in the market) are currently in the market, they have side effects of varying degrees of severity, sometimes even leading to suicidal behavior. Drugs such as pregabalin only mask this chronic pain, like a patch on a punctured balloon.

However, NFX88, the Neurofix proposal, seeks a regenerative effect on nerve tissue. This proposal not only masks the lesion but also enables the recovery of the patient. Likewise, NFX88, already in the second clinical development phase, shows very few mild side effects.  The company states, “there is no other company that approaches neuropathic pain the way we do”.

Neurofix has a competitive advantage: its drug emerged from a rational process rather than a fortuitous coincidence. Grande claims that efficacy is more achievable. If NFX88 proves to be more successful than current treatments, it could become a reference drug on the market.

They also aim to become a first in class, i. e., a drug that generates a new category of drugs thanks to its breakthrough mechanism of action concerning the current ones. Furthermore, Neurofix plans to apply for orphan drug designation, gaining ten years of exclusivity in the market, in addition to the patent protection they already have until 2033.

Unity is strength

The company has already designed its marketing strategy. Neurofix does not want to compete with pregabalin, its competitors, but rather to stand alongside it to avoid litigation with large multinationals. Grande states, “Taking pregabalin and NFX88 is more beneficial than only taking pregabalin”.

Therefore, benefits flow not only to Neurofix but also to the rest of the laboratories. Companies that are marketing pregabalin could choose to offer both pregabalin and NFX88 in the same product, boosting commercialization by facilitating the sale to the patient.

A listed horizon

Neurofix already targets an IPO on the capital markets. In addition to the NFX88 marketing, the company’s ultimate goal is to be listed on BME Growth. From there, Neurofix intends to expand into Europe through Euronext and the United States with an OTC listing. Other exit possibilities include a sale or merger with a multinational pharmaceutical company.

In any case, the company considers that its horizon must be international. The CEO states that “25% of the world’s population suffers from neuropathic pain. It makes no sense only to focus on neuropathic pain in Spain. Neurofix is a company with an international projection, aiming to be present in a global market.”

Thanks to the capital raised in the funding round, led by Fellow Funders, Neurofix intends to complete the current phase, apply for orphan drug designation and design the next phase of the clinical trial (the last one before the regulatory approval stage). “50% of the drugs that reach this stage are successful,” notes Grande.

Who focuses upon everything has, in fact, no focus.

Neurofix is also developing two other drugs, one for paralysis (NFX81) and another for sleep disorders (NFX91). However, Grande assures that they are focusing on NFX88 to reach the market as soon as possible and monetize. All the company’s efforts are focused on this drug since it is the one that brings the highest value to the company and will increase its share price the most in the future.

The company forms by a multidisciplinary team that, throughout the years, has launched around 20 drugs of different complexities. Thanks to the company’s expertise and pioneering proposal, Fellow Funders will support and collaborate with Neurofix in a funding round of 900,000 euros. Don’t miss the opportunity and help this revolutionary biopharmaceutical company!

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