Olimaker precision micro-mills seek funding

The company Olimaker is looking for funding and expects to raise at least 550,000 euros through an investment round to start manufacturing and commercializing its precision micro-mills, designed to extract Extra Virgin Olive Oil even at a domestic level.

Fellow Funders, a company specializing in raising funds for SMEs and startups, will be in charge of attracting investors through its Equity Crowdfunding platform. The Granada-based Olimaker, founded in 2017, is already in agreement with SIMA to manufacture these micro-mills, scheduled to go on sale this year.

According to the company’s managers, the goal is to raise 550,000 euros (expandable to 687,500 euros) to optimize the production and commercialization of the micro-oil mill. This machine is portable and similar in size to a domestic photocopier and besides available in two versions: professional and domestic. The product integrates the three industrial processes necessary for extra virgin olive oil extraction (milling, beating, and centrifuging). All the process is automatic.

According to its creators, all one has to do is introduce between 1.5 and 3 kilos of olives. In less than 30 minutes, the extra virgin olive oil is extracted.

Its creators claim that the professional version is designed for oil mills, industrial mills, olive growers, research centers, gourmet producers, and agrotourism centers. On the other hand, the domestic version aims at the hospitality industry and the end consumer. It will be officially unveiled in September during the next edition of Expoliva. The company also plans to launch a line of business dedicated to marketing olives in bags specifically aimed at the owners of these micro-mills.

Source: Interempresas

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