Corporate Social Responsibility: a current essential

“Take care of yourself while caring for others,” proclaims the famous slogan. These words hold greater importance today than ever before. Consumers are aware of the social and environmental consequences of their consumption.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) comprises a series of internal and external measures that companies embrace on a social, economic and environmental level. These dynamics should go hand in hand with consistent involvement in such issues and should not be understood as a mere legal obligation to be complied with.

Consumers on the street support the CSR of companies and consider it in their decision making. In 2015, the Forética Report stated that half of Spaniards bought a specific product motivated by the brand’s CSR. Conversely, 44.6% of Spaniards stopped buying certain products because of a lack of involvement of the company in this cause. Therefore, CSR has a direct effect on a company’s rotation and consequently on its value.

CSR has an internal impact on the company’s value since it understands labor welfare. Being at ease in the workplace is a crucial part of the productivity of a company.  Moreover, these measures generate pride of ownership.

The benefits of a good CSR strategy range from increased competitiveness, brand value and preference to increased customer loyalty and higher employee motivation. It is therefore undeniable that it is an imperative aspect of value creation in both large and small companies.

Captaining CSR

The value of CSR maximizes when it applies throughout the organization and is captained by an internal professional. The directors of large companies claim that the area that depends directly on the company’s CEO also needs another specific director. This professional should act as an interlocutor with senior management. The position requires a person with strong communication and persuasive skills, as well as optimal strategic thinking. The Director of Social Responsibility (Dirse) must be a changer. A person whose must is to generate opportunities of value for the company and influence and integrate ideas.

The “Fair Value” of your CSR

It is clear how important it is to implement a CSR strategy. Investors, similarly to consumers, are increasingly interested in sustainable and socially impactful opportunities.

In addition to financing leading-edge projects, Fellow Funders aims to value them deeply. Knowing the value of your project or company is crucial for future decisions and strategies. CSR, as the impact on consumption and investment, is essential to score any company and Fellow Funders takes it into account.

The Fair Value division, a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the financial sector, is responsible for all of this work. Moreover, our company has recently published the Sustainability White Paper for SMEs (downloadable free of charge).

This guide outlines some of the aspects that make up the concept of CSR and explains how to increase value for investors through sustainability. The CSR bandwagon is here to stay. Get on board and increase the value of your company for customers and investors!

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