First micro-oil mill to produce olive oil from home commercialized

The first portable precision micro mill, developed by the Granada-based company Olimaker to produce domestic and professional extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), will be marketed next September during its presentation at the Expoliva International Fair in Jaén.

This technology combines in a single machine, patented and similar to the size of a photocopier, the processes of milling, beating, and centrifugation required to obtain olive oil of the highest quality within 30 minutes.

According to Luis Serrano, Head of the company, the company has initiated an alternative funding round led by the firm Fellow Funders to raise capital of up to 687,500 euros to optimize the production and marketing of this micro-oil mill.

The machine is available in two versions, one for the professional market and the other for the domestic and hospitality sector. It has also been designed with environmental and ecological criteria and costs around 3,000 euros.

The professional mill is specially designed for oil mills, industrial mills, olive growers, research centers, gourmet producers, and agrotourism. The second is for homes, restaurants, and the entire Horeca sector that wants to produce its EVOO.

The “Olimaker Home” micro-oil mill will be presented to the sector in September at the next Expoliva International Fair, aimed at marking a milestone for the company and the start of commercialization.

To optimize production, the Granada-based company signed an agreement with the national manufacturer Sima, which operates in 57 countries, to offer maintenance and parts replacement services in domestic and foreign markets.

Olimaker is also planning to launch a new service to supply olives for micro-mills throughout the year. This way, the company would ensure that the production seasonality of the fruit is not an obstacle for restaurants and households to produce their high-quality EVOO all year round.

According to Serrano, Olimaker aims to revolutionize the EVOO extraction process in a market that is undergoing a paradigm shift and betting on quality over quantity through a product that is “technological, innovative, and disruptive at a global level.”.

“The oil market has historically been industrialized. The only way to access this product was to buy it in the supermarket. With our micro-oil mill, we integrate the technology to produce it by your own means,” continued Serrano.

He also highlighted the many applications that the machine offers for research with different types of olives. “We are here to complement this sector, which will continue to grow. We do not intend to be a substitute for anything,” he clarified.

According to data provided by Olimaker, Spain is the world’s leading producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with 60% of European and 4% of world production, followed by Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco, Portugal, and Turkey.

By Autonomous Communities, Andalusia produces 85 % of the national olive oil, followed by Castilla La-Mancha (6.60 %), Extremadura (2.70 %), Catalonia (2.20 %), and Aragon (1 %).

By provinces, Jaén is the largest producer of quality EVOO. It is followed by Granada, Córdoba, and Málaga, within a sector that counts in Spain with a total of 400,000 olive growers, 1,755 mills, 1,500 bottling plants, and 22 refineries.

Source: El Diario

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