The Cabaret 42 team presents their debut play, Boeing Boeing, at the Café Gijón in Madrid

The Café Gijón in Madrid dressed up on Thursday 8 July to welcome the Cabaret 42 team to their first press conference to present Boeing Boeing, their first play, which will premiere at the end of 2021.

During the press conference, the actor, Andoni Ferreño, and the event organizer and director of the project, Richy Castellanos, were joined by two Spanish actors that will have roles in the play, Jorge Sanz and Alberto Closas.

Fellow Funders, with whom Cabaret 42 is currently immersed in a funding round through our Equity Crowdfunding platform, were also present at the event. Once the round gets complete, the company will become the first production company to be financed through Equity Crowdfunding.

“We are very excited about Cabaret. It is a very promising project. It is an honor to Fellow Funders to be able to support such an important sector as the cultural sector,” Stephan Maisons, CSO of the company, said at the event.

A comedy of great heights

The French playwright Marc Camoletti first wrote Boeing Boeing in 1960 and premiered in 1962. Since then, there have been several adaptations of the play in Spain. The last one was in Barcelona in 2009. Now, Cabaret 42 is in charge of giving a new life to this comedy that will soon take the stage of Madrid.

The script tells the story of the life of an architect who has a simultaneous relationship with three unmarried flight attendants, without any of them knowing about the existence of the others. The plot becomes entangled when, due to circumstances unexpected by the protagonist, the three women end up meeting in the flat.

Cabaret 42 has chosen long-standing actors to shape its cast. The adaptation will star Jorge Sanz, Alberto Closas, and Andoni Ferreño himself. Ricard Reguant will be the director, and Jorge Muñoz will be in charge of the production. In addition, at the press conference, the team announced the opening of a casting call for the actresses taking part in the play.

The funding boost

The production company has already the rights to two of the plays (one of them is Boeing Boeing) as well as a documentary and a series. The company is currently carrying out a funding round through Fellow Funders and its Equity Crowdfunding platform. Much of the capital raised will go towards the launch of its debut Boeing Boeing. The remaining amount will be for producing the autobiographical documentary Richy Castellanos: El hermano español de Maradona.

Jorge Sanz stated, “Comedy is one of the most beautiful things, and it is also one of the few things that we know work properly”. But Cabaret 42 also has the backing of the experience and trajectory of outstanding professionals in the sector. Now, the company needs the necessary funding to be able to continue keeping national culture alive.

The actors are enthusiastic about the positive reception of the funding round. “We already have to start studying the script”, they joked. Certainly, Boeing Boeing is becoming more and more of a reality. Cabaret 42 has acquired the rights to the play and has already signed a pre-contract with a theatre in Madrid. The only thing left is to close the funding round, so we encourage you to invest in this exciting project. Are you on board? Invest in Cabaret 42!

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