Nowture enters the capital of the Spanish biotech company Libera Bio

Nowture is once again betting on biotech. Nowture, the biotech ecosystem that provides a comprehensive model of support services for biotech companies, has entered the capital of Libera Bio: a company specializing in applying nanotechnology to develop oncological therapies to gain efficacy and eliminate the toxicity of current treatments. Nowture has participated in a round in which it is the lead investor and reserves the right to lead the following capital increases up to six million euros, explains the group.

Libera Bio’s patented technology, MPN Technology, aims to develop a new paradigm in cancer treatment by treating cellular targets that have been pharmacologically inaccessible to date.

These cancer targets are hidden inside tumor cells. To date, they are almost impossible to access with current immunotherapy treatments. The technology of Libera Bio, if it finally reaches the market, would allow access to the targets inside the tumor cells without affecting healthy cells.

Libera Bio is a spin-off from the laboratory of scientist María José Alonso at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia). It is developing a series of patents around the Tecnología Nanocápsulas Poliméricas Multifuncionales (NPM) (Multifunctional Polymeric Nanocapsules Technology).

These nanocapsules of lipid core and multiple layers can transport small and large molecules (biologic, such as monoclonal antibodies or siRNA), deliver them to cancer cells and lymph nodes (which often have metastatic cells), and even deliver their cargo inside the tumor cells through a receptor attached to the polymeric shell of the nanocapsules.

Preclinical in vivo studies have already shown positive results (tumor necrosis, apoptosis of cancer cells) in animal models with various tumors (pancreatic, colorectal, or lung).

“We are excited about the arrival of Libera Bio to our ecosystem. It may represent a future breakthrough in cancer treatment, leading to effective precision medicine drugs with fewer side effects,” says the CEO and founder of Nowture, Mario Grande.

Nowture provides a comprehensive ecosystem that invests and offers a global model of support services for transformative companies in the Life Sciences sector. The company manages financial instruments with a cumulative value of three million euros, with a portfolio of eight investees, including the biopharmaceutical companies Laminar Pharma and Neurofix, currently in the Pre-Market Environment (EpM) of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles for its upcoming listing on the BME Growth market.

The Spanish company is also working on launching a €50 million fund, resulting from the alliance between Nowture and the alternative financing platform Fellow Funders. Both companies expect the fund to be operational in 2022.

Source: Planta Doce

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