Jorge Sanz, an essential member of Andoni Ferreño’s business venture

Following the catastrophe caused by the crisis, many celebrities opted for the unknown, transforming the crisis into an opportunity to open various businesses to expand their possibilities. For example, Belén Esteban, with her line of gazpachos, and Andoni Ferreño (56), who announced this summer that he will launch a production company dedicated to cinema and theater.

“It is a production company that arises from three fundamental pillars. On the public relations side, it is the event organizer Richy Castellanos (52), on the artistic side – advised by people like Ricard Reguant, Alberto Closas, and Sergio Cabrera – it is me and, on the business side, Jorge Muñoz, a successful businessman who believes in us from the beginning,” says the presenter, who also assures the singularity of his project in Spain.

“Cabaret 42 will have the financial support of Fellow Funders, a company devoted to seeking funding for crucial projects. They believed Cabaret 42 could be a reference production company. As far as we know, we are the first production company in Spain to be financed through Equity Crowdfunding (the collective financing of a company by buying shares in it),” explains Ferreño proudly.

But why did Andoni decide to name his production company Cabaret 42? According to one of his colleagues, it was a curious coincidence. “Andoni called me for a drink, and in a conversation about projects and things, the idea of creating a production company together came up. Then we went into a garage, and it said 42. As a result, we decided to baptize the production company as Cabaret 42 Producciones and embark on a play,” says Castellanos.

“We bought the rights to Boeing Boeing, the Jerry Lewis, and Tony Curtis movie. We thought that the lead actor, with Andoni Ferreño, should be Jorge Sanz (51). A legendary man of cinema and, above all, a comic talent,” says the event’s expert.

However, neither Castellanos nor Ferreño intend to settle for just one play. The illusion, according to Andoni, has already made them think of two or three more projects. One of them would include a documentary film about Richy Castellanos, one of Diego Armando Maradona’s great confidants.

“It is a documentary about a boy, Richy Castellanos, who starts from nothing, wants to be a soccer player, gets injured, and fails to play in the first division. However, Richy never imagined that he would meet the best soccer player of all time: Maradona. It is my biography, but it is also a tribute to Diego. A generous, cheerful, kind person. Having him as a friend has been a pleasure,” he concludes.

Source: El Mundo

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