Andoni Ferreño premieres Boeing, Boeing, “It is the first time that an investment fund finances a play.”

The veteran actor and producer, Andoni Ferreño, visits the OKTV set on OKDIARIO to talk about his imminent theatrical premiere: Boeing, Boeing. A play produced by Cabaret 42, a company co-funded by the investment fund Fellow Funders. These funders have raised 120,000 euros from their investors to finance this cultural project, coining a novel formula of cultural ‘patronage’ with profitability for producers, actors, and investors.

“It came about by chance,” Ferreño explains. “Through a common friend, we put forward the idea of raising funds to start up the production company and, this way, after a lot of effort, the investment fund trusted us and is now a partner in the company,” explains the actor.

This autumn, the play Boeing Boeing, in which Jorge Sanz and Alberto Closas participate, in addition to Andoni Ferreño himself, will premiere and begin to tour Spain.

A play that has become an object of desire for the financial world, which will arrive in Madrid “when the pandemic allows it because we need full capacity,” explains Ferreño.

Source: OK Diario

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