Why is internal communication important?

Capital and labor are the two elements that make up any corporation. A company is supported and built on a team of people, leaving aside the financial aspects, a. Each individual in Fellow Funders has a culture, values, and behaviors that influence their personal life. Thus, the way of working is clearly affected by these aspects, resulting in a clear impact on the production and value of a company, and our Fair Value division is very aware of its importance.

Therefore, internal corporate communication aims to strengthen and unite all the human capital of the company. These strategies are complementary accessories to Corporate Social Responsibility decisions given that both techniques deal with the same thing: people and their values. According to IBM experts, internal communication dynamics bring the company together in two ways.

First, “authenticity“. Internal communication helps connect the company’s actions with its overall vision. It is similar to the entity’s credibility, i.e., it brings coherence between a company’s perception and its actions. Secondly, internal communication also brings “involvement” into action, given that internal communication would be of little use if it is one-way. This act of internal communication should be treated as a mere conversation and, thus, encourage spaces for participation between the firm and its employees.

After all, any business strategy is born and must be strengthened within the company. Therefore, internal communication is of real cruciality in a company. For example, if a company implements ESG strategies that fail to connect with the ideas and values of its employees, it will have failed in its mission. A business objective without identity does not work.

This identity, therefore, must be known, supported and internalized by the team behind it. In this way, projects and objectives will be driven from within, boosting the final output. Thus, the impulse from within is the most important. Fellow Funders knows from experience that good internal communication is key to success.

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