The best hands to support your project

Entrepreneurs or companies seeking growth can benefit from the new grants that Enisa has made available for 2021, amounting to a total of 98.5 million euros. A viable and innovative business project and a solvent management team will be the only guarantee you will need to secure from 25,000 to 1,500,000 euros. Enisa ( has also opened a line of 51 million for digital entrepreneurs. It corresponds to the new line of participative loans enabled by the entity with a focus on women entrepreneurs in the digital environment. This aid is aimed at supporting female entrepreneurs since there is an accentuated gender gap in technology startups. There are 50% fewer projects in medium and high technology led by women.

Reactivating businesses

Another outstanding initiative to support small companies in redirecting, adapting, and reactivating their businesses is the one launched by ENDESA and the Youth Business Spain Foundation (www. Over €250,000 in social microcredits and €50,000 in non-refundable grants have been granted through this project. Moreover, around 500 people are being coached to support the reorientation and digitization of their activities.

Retos con el agua

The agri-food sector has access to grants such as the Orizont program (, which has recently launched its fourth edition. The shuttle supports water-saving solutions to overcome the challenges of leading companies in the market, with funding of up to 400,000 € to develop ideas. Cáceres Impulsa, an organization that encourages entrepreneurship in the province of Extremadura, also recently held investment rounds to finance business ideas interested in setting up in the province of Cáceres ( Finally, Fellow Funders, a fintech specializing in alternative investment solutions for SMEs and startups financing, sealed a strategic alliance with 2gether to offer innovative solutions and create high-value-added products and services developed on cutting-edge technologies.

Source: Emprendedores (print edition)

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