European Mobility Week: an electric and sustainable future

We will review what role Fellow Funders play in promoting electric mobility for this European Mobility Week.

The European Union countries have been celebrating European Mobility Week (EMW) since yesterday, 16th September. Spain celebrates this initiative with events such as the Feria del Vehículo Eléctrico de Madrid, which will take place in the capital this weekend.

Electric vehicles: the stars of the show

So, what does this week celebrate? The EMS is similar to the New Year. It is not only a week of celebrations but also of auspicious resolutions. The idea is to sensitize citizens to the negative consequences of the irrational use of cars in the city. Some of the alternative solutions are bicycles, public transport, and, last but not least, electric vehicles

Fellow Funders community has extensive experience collaborating with companies in the electric mobility field. However, it never hurts to remember the importance of this mobility alternative for the green transition we aim for. Electric vehicles are powered by electric energy from alternative sources to gasoline and diesel.

Fellow Funders understands the extreme importance of a green change in the economy and the mobility sector, and we are not the only ones believing in it. Without going any further, the Spanish Government announced in April that they would allocate 13.2 billion euros from the European “Next Generation EU” funds to boost sustainable and connected mobility over the next three years.

Our commitment

We have repeated on many occasions that we all have a responsibility to find alternative ways to reduce pollutant emissions: citizens, administrations, and companies. It is our commitment to pursue this goal. For this reason, we have helped finance three different projects related to sustainable mobility in the last few years. We obviously cannot compare our figures with the figures of our country’s government. However, we are proud to know that we managed to raise a total of more than 1,300,000 EUR, helping to make electric mobility grow in our country.

Thanks to the SEM celebration, we would like to talk about three projects with ESG seal in their activity and with which we had the pleasure to collaborate. EasyCharger was the first of these companies. This company came to us at the beginning of 2020 with a clear mission: to create a network of charging stations to allow electric car drivers to self-supply as easily as a gasoline-powered car. At present, this company has more than thirty charging points and twenty more available soon. Easycharger has developed a reference app for all drivers who want to travel on their electric cars throughout the country.

The success of Mooevo

Following Easycharger, Fellow Funders received the Mooevo project: an internationally patented device that minimizes the effort required to transport heavy mobile elements, such as wheelchairs occupied by an adult person. Its ESG commitment is comprehensive. Not only because of its ability to facilitate disabled people’s mobility but also because it is powered by electric and sustainable energy. During the sanitary crisis due to COVID-19, Mooevo provided 30 devices to the campaign hospital IFEMA in Madrid to facilitate mobility over long distances within the building. Its great efforts helped Mooevo to receive the first Expansión 2020 Award. The mobility company has recently developed a delivery cart for the Spanish Post Office.

Last but not least, Full&Fast approached Fellow Funders’ alternative financing platform to develop proprietary technology for its energy accumulators to replace traditional diesel generators and power generators. Despite the short period that passed since we closed the round, we have already seen the company achieve successes and strategic agreements such as the one signed with Autocine Madrid Race, thanks to which the drive-in movie theater offers two free charging points for electric vehicles.

Fellow Funders is always proud to see our projects growing. However, when these projects carry the ESG seal, the satisfaction is twofold. For this reason, we did not want to miss the opportunity of the SEM celebration to honor the successes of these companies. However, this week is more about good intentions than celebrations, and Fellow Funders has the firm purpose of incorporating new projects related to sustainable mobility soon. So, if you want to contribute to the green transition, stay tuned for more news on our platform!

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