Foodinthebox returns stronger than ever

The opportunity to invest in the company that is revolutionizing many Spanish kitchens welcomes you.

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Has anyone ever dreamed of a private chef preparing your food so that you can come to the table and enjoy yourself? Perhaps everyone has and just a few can afford such a pleasure. However, the company Foodinthebox arrived in Spain to solve this problem by offering an intermediate solution between a personal chef and a traditional kitchen.

The company sells meal kit plans for individuals. These meal kit plans include recipe planning, the necessary ingredients and home delivery services. Go to the kitchen, follow the steps of the recipe and enjoy your healthy and tasty food.

Although this phenomenon was not born in Spain, Foodinthebox has been the first Spanish food tech to offer these services. In 2021, the company faces a very profitable future: full of agreements, new groundbreaking products and internationalization that will surely enchant the people.

Around the world

The US food tech market is undergoing a considerable restructuring. When the sector first emerged, its players were independent and complementary. However, the offer concentrated in 2021 and all the leading American supermarket chains bought all the companies. Foodinthebox intends to break into the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and position itself as a benchmark in the personalized food industry. The former CEO of the Holiday Inn hotel chain will be the CEO of Foodinthebox in the United States.

For this purpose, the company will expand its range of meal plans and introduce, among others, customizable meal plans according to the individual’s tastes, dietary goals or allergies. This expansion of the company’s product portfolio would help the company to earn recognition for being the first company in the world to offer such a degree of personalization in its plans.

Meal kit consumers claim to have more control over the design of their plans, and Foodinthebox will respond to their demands. As a result, Foodinthebox will continue consolidating its position as a leader in the Spanish market. In addition, the company will differentiate itself from the competition for its entry into the U.S. market.

Foodinthebox: a sustainable company (ESG)

One of the best ways to implement sustainability in the food sector is to respect the cycles of nature. For this reason, Foodinthebox only works with seasonal and low-mileage products, so they can use local suppliers, reducing the use of transport and its harmful emissions.

In addition, the company’s meal kits avoid unnecessary food waste, i.e., not a single gram of food is wasted during the distribution of the ingredients by the suppliers or at home. Not only would we make our belly happy, but also the environment!

These are just some of the actions included in Foodinthebox’s commitments to achieve a carbon-neutral footprint by 2022, supported by recycled and compostable materials in its packaging, responsible and sustainable transportation network, and the promotion of reforestation projects.

New strategic agreements

Complementing this food tech’s environmental involvement is a strong set of social agreements. Foodinthebox signed a pact with HM Hospitales to implement its new personalized plan as part of the cardiac rehabilitation program for patients in all its hospitals. Moreover, they have also closed agreements with Melio and Biomes to market their products.

In short, the food tech industry is not exempt from ESG imperatives. Foodinthebox is at the forefront of the race, and Fellow Funders wanted to join a company with such noble values and groundbreaking business ideas from the very beginning.

You can invest in Foodinthebox now!

As you may know, the company has been planning to launch its funding round since last year. However, the company decided to wait for consolidating the project in Spain before starting it in the United States. Given these favorable results, it is time to initiate their funding round with Fellow Funders. Thanks to the funding round, the company will improve its offer and commercialization channels and will enter the United States. The round opens today so you can invest and secure your investment in such a promising company. It is without a doubt a great opportunity that you cannot miss. There are many investors already interested in this opportunity. You can find all the information on the Foodinthebox project page.

Please remember that our investor relations department is at your disposal for further information about the project by email at or +34 910 260 848

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