Past and future converge in two new Fellow Funders rounds

If there is one quality that characterizes the Fellow Funders team, it is its “hunger” for projects. For this reason, when we successfully closed three rounds in our platform last summer, we left no time for celebrations. We immediately set to work looking for new projects for our investors. Today, we are happy to introduce not one but two rounds of great interest to diversify your investment portfolio.

At Fellow Funders, we have always defended the importance of diversifying an investment portfolio, which is one of the reasons behind our agnosticism regarding the sectors of activity of the companies we finance. This week’s two rounds represent different sectors of activity and different time cycles. The past and the future have come together on our platform in three projects.

Laminar Pharma and its fight against cancer

The past, in this case, is embodied by Laminar Pharma and its founder, Doctor Pablo Escribá. They represent a sweet past. We still remember their first funding round on our platform in the back of our minds. In its first round, this biotech company came to us seeking €1.2 million for its drug LAM561 development.

At the time, the drug was in Phase II/III development and aspired to become the standard drug against brain glioma, one of the most aggressive and lethal cancers. Laminar Pharma’s project not only convinced us but also seduced the investors, who placed their hopes and contributed the legal maximum of 1,500,000 € for the company.

Laminar Pharma enters this second round with the same purpose: to raise at least €1,200,000. However, nearly a year later, its situation is different. The drug LAM561 has reached the final stage of development and is expected to be marketed in 2023. The company is expected to triple its revenues and reach a break-even point by then. The Fellow Funders team is proud to contribute to developing a drug that will give hope to millions of patients worldwide.

Simply Solar, solar energy at the center

A sweet past… And a green future. The third project we are featuring this week is a clear example of ESG investment that will contribute to improving our planet. Simply Solar is a company specializing in the design of photovoltaic structures for solar parking lots. Thanks to the solar panels installed on its roof, these parking lots serve both as a shelter from the sun and as a charging point for electric cars. Simply Solar’s energy is also used to power telecommunication antennas.

The current situation is propitious for the growth of the company, which has agreements with leading entities, including the University of Oviedo, and expects to reach the break-even point this year. We hope that the round we are opening on our platform, which aims to raise €300,000, will serve as a “push” for a company that aspires to become a relevant agent in the paradigm shift towards a more sustainable model based on renewable energies.

Laminar Pharma and Simply Solar. Past and future. Biotechnology and renewable energies. All of them come together in our platform, which acts as a link between two very different projects but of common interest in their firm commitment to alternative financing. Fellow Funders has been betting on it for more than five years, and we encourage you to join us through our platform.

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