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The company specializes (among other things) in the construction of solar roofs for parking lots.

Smart cities result from a need to create economically, socially and environmentally sustainable urban centers for our future. According to the United Nations, nearly 70% of the world’s population will live in cities or urban areas by 2050. This scenario implies problems that, although they may seem distant, can be glimpsed in the present.

Therefore, the solutions offered by smart cities aim to guarantee a series of specific objectives and respond to decisive global challenges, such as achieving sustainable development, increasing the quality of life, improving efficiency in the use of resources and encouraging active citizen participation.

This typology of cities relies on information and communication technologies to manage everything effectively, from the functioning of public transport to the use of public spaces (including the automation and control of buildings). To sum up, it is a utopia straight out of a science fiction movie that will dominate the most recent future in search of improvements for both the planet and its citizens.

Green parking lots

As previously mentioned, one of the fundamental pillars of these smart cities is the improvement of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. Moreover, it is worth remembering one of the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the United Nations: number 11, referring to the promotion of cities and “human settlements” to become sustainable places.

Although everything discussed may seem cinematic, there are already current initiatives that will play a crucial role in shaping the cities of the future. For example, Simply Solar and its solutions for photovoltaic parking lots. These constructive structures are used for outdoor parking lots whose roofs incorporate solar panels for energy generation.

Simply Solar’s photovoltaic parking lots not only protect vehicles from sun, rain and other meteorological adversities but also transform passive structures (such as these parking lot roofs) into active elements that generate clean and sustainable energy.

Moreover, the solar parking market is more vibrant than ever. Back in 2016, this market segment peaked in the U.S. and has maintained its growth metrics at very high levels ever since. Regarding the Spanish context, the Basque Country is setting the example to follow. The northern community leads the way in investment in solar energy and the construction of such parking lots.

Solar fuel

A sustainable future means including electric mobility in the equation. Although the implementation of electric vehicles in Spain is taking time, other neighboring European countries (Germany, France, Norway and the United Kingdom) are advancing rapidly. Simply Solar is well aware of the importance of electric mobility and also responds to this challenge.

For this reason, the company is currently completing its electric car charging station. In addition to generating energy from the parking structure, the Simply Solar initiative will also store this energy in batteries and use it for self-consumption. In other words, a groundbreaking idea that kills two birds with one stone.

All in all, Simply Solar bases its entire project on taking advantage of open spaces to generate energy in a non-invasive way. Thanks to initiatives like this one, building increasingly sustainable and energy-efficient cities is no longer a utopia but a reality.

Fellow Funders is also very aware of the green future of cities and the economy. Our company believes that businesses like Simply Solar will play a fundamental role in the present and the future. For this reason, we don’t want our investors to miss out on this green opportunity, and we opened a funding round through our alternative investment platform. Don’t hesitate and join Simply Solar!

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