Laminar Pharma and its drug against brain glioma cross the Mediterranean Sea

“It’s a small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind”: Neil Armstrong’s words on becoming the first man to set foot on the Moon still linger in our minds, even for those of us who did not live through an event that is now 52 years later.

A quantum leap in the fight against brain glioma

Today, we celebrate another one of those great leaps. Although it is a more modest step, it has much more relevant global implications for people fighting against brain glioma, one of the most aggressive and lethal cancers worldwide.

The protagonist of this leap is Laminar Pharma. You probably already know this company because of its immersion in a funding round through our equity crowdfunding platform. The company, born in Mallorca as a spin-off of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB), crosses the Mediterranean to settle in the coastal city of Alicante, which thus becomes a focus of hope in the fight against brain glioma.

Laminar Pharma has been awarded one of the semi-industrial buildings that the Alicante Science Park (PCA) makes available to innovative companies linked to its ecosystem. The company has obtained a 75-year license for installing a plant to synthesize innovative drugs.

LAM 561 production center

In the short term, the company led by Dr. Pablo Escribá will use this plant for the scale-up and large-scale synthesis of LAM 561. This drug, which could begin to be marketed in 2023, aims to become the first effective treatment against brain glioma. It will do so thanks to Membrane Lipid Therapy, a unique therapy developed by Dr. Escribá that acts on cell membrane lipids, where most cell functions take place.

With its installation in the PCA, Laminar Pharma manages to establish a crucial center of operations in the peninsular territory. A leap that is expected to be only the first of many. The Mediterranean Sea is not the only one this company plans to cross since the LAM 561 aspires to become a worldwide reference treatment. It is not in vain that Laminar Pharma already has internationally recognized patents.

Laminar Pharma, hand in hand with the university community

In addition, the PCA is the perfect location for a biotech company like Laminar Pharma. The company will benefit from the existing synergies with other companies in the park, as well as from the talent coming from the University of Alicante. We must not forget that this company was born in the university environment and now aspires to continue growing hand in hand with the university community.

The installation of Laminar Pharma in the PCA stands as great news for the company itself and the pharmaceutical sector, namely the oncology sector. But it is also great news for the park itself. The manager of the PCA, Olga Francés, states: “With this new biotechnology R&D&I laboratory, the PCA consolidates its position as a benchmark in the sector in the province, with the expectation of continuing to grow and attract biotechnology companies to the park.”

Fellow Funders bets on Laminar Pharma

And, of course, Fellow Funders is also celebrating this great news! Laminar Pharma has been one of our main bets during our five years of activity. In that sense, last year we closed a funding round with which we managed to raise 1.5 million euros to boost its research activity.

We have never had any doubts about supporting this company. Not only because of its financial metrics and projections. We are proud to support a company aligning with our ESG values and aspiring to bring hope to thousands of cancer patients. Therefore, we are currently conducting a second round of crowdfunding with which we aim to raise 1.2 million to continue driving Laminar Pharma forward. Would you like to join the project? Do it through our platform!

Update (information known after article publication): LAM 561 has received orphan drug designation from the FDA, which will give Laminar Pharma crucial advantages in its final phase of research.

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