Mooevo and Fellow Funders: sequels have always been good

Mooevo launches a second funding round at Fellow Funders, following its new product range and its new partnership with Correos.

When we saw the doctors and nurses at the IFEMA field hospital on TV, we got all shocked. They moved patients in wheelchairs at full speed. However, the large dimensions of the building made it difficult for the staff, patients, and equipment to move around, especially in a situation in which every minute counted.

It was then that Mooevo came to the scene. The company introduced its motorized platform, which, when coupled to the wheelchairs and other heavy items, helped speed up some of the work at the field hospital. The company had not even planned to launch its product on the market yet, but the circumstances demanded it. After all, there are times when a push is all that’s needed to leap.

Mail carriers of the future

Thanks to the success of the IFEMA experience, Mooevo is in the public eye. To such an extent that in 2020 the company won the Lehnica Challenge from Correos. This award also resulted in a collaboration agreement for the joint development of mobility solutions in the different lines of business of Correos. As a result, the company has become a strategic partner of Correos in all matters related to mobility solutions.

One of the highlights of this project is the redesign of the delivery cart to fit the Mooevo device. The company has already received the first order of 24 “trolleys for mail carriers of the future” from Correos, and its implementation will be imminent. In addition, Mooevo’s proposals have echoed in the logistics sector: companies such as DHL or MRW are already queuing up to order samples.

More products, more sectors

Our first funding round with Mooevo may have been a short time ago, but the company has made the most of it. Mooevo, which debuted its Mooevo Go at IFEMA, has a significantly broader and updated product line that addresses the needs of a more comprehensive range of industries.

The multidisciplinary team of Mooevo developed three product lines. Firstly, Healthcare. This line seeks to facilitate transporting people with reduced mobility and the individual pushing the wheelchair. These include the original Mooevo Go.

The second product line is called Cargo. Although it focuses mainly on urban delivery, it also serves in logistics, distribution, and the last mile. Postal trolleys are just one of the products of this line.

Finally, the Clean line. The company also aims to meet the needs of the urban cleaning sector. This line includes a state-of-the-art cleaning cart with wheel motors and cutting-edge technology.

Our sequel

Back in 2020, when Mooevo got funded through Fellow Funders, we could get an idea of the value of its products for individuals and small businesses. However, no one could have imagined the impact they have had (and have) on such crucial sectors of our society.

Wheelchairs came first. Now we will witness the wonders of their solutions in different fields. The company needs a new financial boost. For this reason, a new round has been launched through our alternative investment platform. Mooevo has a promising future ahead, and we are proud to continue to support them.

Now it’s your turn. Join the round on our platform!

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