Fellow Funders and Equity Crowdfunding celebrate their golden anniversary: 50 funding rounds on our platform!

Back in 2016, Fellow Funders embarked on a very extraordinary economic relationship with the equity crowdfunding method, an alternative funding approach with little recognition in Spain at the time. Now, five years later, we have a reason to celebrate! Thanks to the HIPOO round, we have raised 50 funding rounds through our platform! 

As a result, we can safely say that this union between Fellow Funders and equity crowdfunding proved very fruitful. We could hardly have imagined it when we first started this adventure into the unexplored universe of alternative financing! Given that we are celebrating our golden anniversary, we want to look back and share our thoughts with the more than 33,000 investors who have joined this project. 

No sectorial filters 

Our union has been agnostic, i.e., no faith in any particular sector. The only condition we set for projects that want our services is to be viable and attractive to investors. Although one may seem modest, it is of extreme relevance. Fellow Funders has always had a strong commitment to investors and has always carried out an exhaustive analysis of the projects we offer. Thanks to this agnosticism, our company has experienced a wide variety of projects in many different sectors. Some of these sectors are foodtech, medtech, fashion, culture, agriculture, travel, beer, sports, eSports, sustainable mobility, pharmaceuticals, digital assets, and real estate. 

Throughout our activity, each of our 50 projects has become our own (literally, we have invested in most of them). Although it would be difficult to choose just one of them, some had significant relevance in our activity. 

Craft beers and the ESG sector 

Given the milestone we have reached, if we had to choose a beer brand to toast, we would struggle to choose among one of the five craft breweries we helped to finance. Dougall’s, Althaia Artesana, Mica, Birra & Blues, and SanFrutos have shown us that the best beer is made in the traditional way and without any industrial process involved. Their funding rounds were successful. Moreover, we keep receiving important news about their milestones. It is impossible not to be proud of having bet on this type of beer. 

Another of our big bets, especially during the last few years, has been in the MedTech and pharma sectors. We have recently helped Aura Robotix to detect neurodegenerative diseases through ocular analysis, Ikan Biotech and Laminar Pharma to fight against cancer, Neurofix to design an effective drug against neuropathic pain, or Marsi Bionics to design exoskeletons for patients with neuromuscular diseases. 

For us, it has been a particularly gratifying experience, not only because it has allowed us to benefit our investors but also millions of medical patients since they will eventually benefit from the social work carried out by these companies. Fellow Funders has always taken the ESG criteria very seriously. For this reason, another of our big bets has been the sustainable mobility and renewable energy sector. Our company is convinced that Easy Charger, Mooevo, Full&fast, and Simply Solar will play a fundamental role in the construction of a greener and more sustainable economic model in the coming years. 

House flipping, our latest bet 

Of course, our latest child: the real estate sector. This past April, we began launching our house flipping rounds, which so far have been an unquestionable success. Four projects have been financed this year to refurbish commercial premises into housing. This way, we provide investors with an attractive estimated return, with moderate risks and return terms of less than one year. 

Overall, we raised 35 million euros to continue promoting entrepreneurship and alternative investment in Spain. As we mentioned before, not even in our best dreams could we have imagined helping so many projects through equity crowdfunding. However, Fellow Funders is not yet satisfied. We are still looking to the future with ambition. 

What about the future? 

Four rounds are currently open on our platform, and many projects are in the pipeline. We recently partnershiped with 2gether to bring the digital asset economic revolution closer to our clients. The real estate sector also has a crucial role in the store, given that we plan to raise 15 million in such projects between 2021 and 2022. Last but not least, we are keeping an eye on our little girl: Socially Responsible Investment. We have a strong social commitment, keeping ESG criteria in mind when evaluating each of the projects presented to us. 

Fellow Funders is determined to embrace this union, as the saying says, “till death do us part”. Our company wants to take it much further. Time is proving us right, and equity crowdfunding is becoming increasingly accepted in the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem. Let’s go for more rounds together! Will you join us? 

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