Goodbye, 2021! Welcome to a new age of alternative investment!

Every movie lover must have seen Groundhog Day at least once,  “Atrapado en el tiempo” in Spanish. This movie, starring Bill Murray, is forced to relive the 2nd February over and over, popularly known as “Groundhog Day” in the United States. However, as the days go by (or in this case, do not go by), he realizes that every day is a new opportunity to enjoy, to conquer the girl he loves (we know how American cinema is), and, above all, to improve himself a little more.

Growing and growing

Once again, just as in the original film, the beauty of the story lies in the small details. At Fellow Funders, the hackneyed “another day at the office” becomes “another opportunity to keep growing”, and that’s what we’ve been doing all 365 days of the year. The results were satisfying but not as fantastic as the road that has led us to them and the road we still have to travel hand in hand with all of you.

This year, we had the opportunity to finance a total of 17 new projects out of the hundreds that came to our platform. We raised a total of more than 11.6 million EUR. If we take into consideration the entire financial group, this figure rises to 20 projects and 20 million euros raised.

The figures were spectacular, unimaginable a year ago. However, as we said before, the beauty of the story lies in the small details, not in the figures. Maintaining our investment agnosticism, we participated this year in a wide variety of sectors: eSports, eBuilding, Biotech, MedTech, marketplaces, renewable energies, mobility, etc. As a result, we participated in the most varied and exciting projects.

Laminar Pharma, Cabaret 42, and many others

Projects like Laminar Pharma, Cabaret 42, Mooevo, and Simply Solar come to mind as the year draws to a close. Laminar Pharma, a company that, thanks to alternative investment, is getting closer to improving the lives of thousands of cancer patients. Cabaret 42, directed by Andoni Ferreño and Richy Castellanos, aspires to bring the illusion of theater back to all parts of Spain. Mooevo, responsible for designing the new motorized delivery trolleys of Correos, and Simply Solar, responsible for leading the transition to a sustainable economic model with its photovoltaic parking lots.

Needless to say, we must not forget our real estate capsules. More than 4 million EUR were raised for four house flipping projects, confirming that the real estate sector has become a stellar addition to our platform and to the new financial universe that has just been born.

Today, we want to address the more than 35,000 Fellowers who made this adventure possible. Thank you for joining us this year! We are sure that, with or without grapes, 2022 will be synonymous with success, and everything is because of you. We can only say goodbye to a year full of good news and welcome the beginning of a new era in the alternative investment universe!

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