Mooevo: the ultimate luxury guest at the “electric mobility party”

Cities are evolving at an accelerated pace. One of the main areas of change is in the mobility sector. Not even Matt Groening, world-renowned for his predictions on The Simpsons, could have predicted the spread of electric vehicles in cities. Spain, in particular, is witnessing an electric mobility “revolution” as an increasing percentage of vehicles are being propelled by non-polluting sources.

SHARE NOW, BiciMAD, Amazon…

The first vehicle that comes to mind when discussing electric mobility is the car. Over the last few years, we have witnessed the arrival of companies such as SHARE NOW (formerly Car2Go) in the main Spanish cities, companies that offer users the possibility of renting electric vehicles per minute. In addition, it is also possible to acquire our own electric car. Thanks to projects such as EasyCharger (financed through our platform) which plans to distribute 1,000 charging points throughout the country, there are an increasing number of charging points for electric vehicles in Spain.

However, electric mobility goes far beyond cars. For example, Madrid witnessed the emergence of BiciMAD eight years ago. This service of booster bikes (electrically powered bicycles that provide pedaling assistance) allows you to move from one place to another and pay only for the minutes spent. Moreover, a new “species” of electric vehicles has begun to populate our cities in recent years: electric scooters.

Society has welcomed the emergence of electric vehicles as news of great positive impact. Not only because of the sustainability factor but because of its potential contribution to sustainable mobility as an alternative beyond the car or public transport. It is increasingly common to see booster bikes or electric scooters on the road. But that’s not all. Electric transport goes beyond people: it has started to move goods. For example, Amazon has already revealed its delivery drones with the hope of distributing its products by air in the cities themselves. However, the lack of regulation means that this last implementation will take place in the medium to long term.

Mooevo joins the “party.”

It is in this context that Mooevo, the latest luxury guest at “the party of electric mobility”, emerges. We say “luxury guest” because it is not just another company whose name we might come across casually in the street. As we recently mentioned in our blog, Mooevo is now the official distributor of motorized carts for Correos, the Spanish state-owned company in charge of the postal service. We are not talking about a utopia. We will soon be seeing letter carriers distributing parcels and letters on electric vehicles. Indeed, not even Matt Groening himself could have foreseen it!

However, Mooevo’s offering goes far beyond motorized delivery carts. Currently, we are backing this company in its second funding round. In its 2020 first round, we had the opportunity to discover a pioneering company that created an electrically-powered device to allow passengers and their caregivers in wheelchairs to be moved together. However, it is now going further. The company is expanding to cover health, cargo/delivery, and urban cleaning sectors’ needs. This project has a transparent ESG seal that, once again, improves mobility in cities, particularly for the most vulnerable people.

Start investing in Mooevo!

Fellow Funders is convinced of the future of electric mobility. Just like our friends at Mooevo, we want to participate in “the electric mobility party” and by the hand of our investors. Do you want to join us in promoting Mooevo’s pioneering device? Invest now through our platform!

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