Miniclean: small, efficient, and sustainable

Do you know that 90-95% of cleaning products are made up of water? Do we realize that each bottle of cleaning products we buy at the supermarket contains no more sanitizing liquid than what would fit in two liquor glasses? Do we understand how senseless this is? More importantly, do we realize the damage these bottles cause to the environment?

20,000 plastic bottles are consumed worldwide every second, and only 7% of them become new ones. As a result, many of these bottles end up in the sea, forming huge plastic islands that could be considered continents in terms of size. For example, the Pacific plastic island has an area equivalent to the combined size of Spain, France, and Germany.

Recycling is not enough

Given these devastating data, the question arises: is it enough to recycle? The answer is no. The game against plastic waste is still very uneven. However, Miniclean is here to turn the tide.

As previously mentioned, 5-10% of cleaning bottles are actually effective. Since these products are essential to keep our home clean, Fabio Carrasco and his team decided to create Miniclean. This initiative aims to eliminate these bottles from supermarkets and our seas.

Simple but pioneering

What is the Miniclean initiative going to offer? The company has developed water-soluble capsules (5 and 10 milliliters) of an ultra-concentrated product. In other words, these capsules contain the same concentration of sanitizing substances in each capsule as a conventional bottle. Just one simple trick: eliminate water from the equation.

If you want to become a Miniclean consumer, the process is simple. Buy the capsules, put them in a spray bottle filled with water (from the tap, for example), and wait for them to dissolve. Simple and pioneering, that’s Miniclean.

Miniclean represents a paradigm shift against plastic waste. However, there are more reasons behind the company’s ESG seal of approval. The reduction in product size (to approximately 1% of the original bottles) results in only 1% of truck trips to ensure the same supply, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint for the company. On the other hand, the consumer also wins. It is much more convenient to walk out of the supermarket with a couple of lightweight Miniclean capsules than with two heavy bottles under the arm.

Unbeatable prices

As we have seen, Miniclean is more sustainable, more convenient, and equally efficient. However, what about the price? Miniclean capsules cost less than 50% of the conventional bottle price: a clear benefit for consumers and potential investors. There is little competition for the company in the market, given that traditional manufacturers of cleaning products have much higher production costs and cannot compete with Miniclean’s prices.

At this point, any potential investor might wonder about the market acceptance of this innovative product. However, Miniclean already goes beyond the original idea. Its capsules are already available at well-known points of sale: El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Alcampo, and Amazon. Moreover, given the scalable nature of the product, the company already enjoys several internationalization agreements. Therefore, we can expect that Miniclean capsules will expand worldwide, contributing to the reduction of plastic islands.

Fellow Funders bets on Miniclean

Fellow Funders has always been committed to ESG criteria and sustainability. For this reason, we had no doubts about supporting Fabio Carrasco and his team when they presented Miniclean to us. And not only from an investment point of view but also from a practical view. We had the opportunity to test the effectiveness of Miniclean capsules, and since then, they are the only product we use to sanitize our offices. Miniclean is small, efficient, and, more importantly, sustainable. We consider this project very promising for our investors, so we did not want to leave our investors on the sidelines of this investment opportunity. Although the round is not yet available on our platform, you can let us know if you want to invest. Go to the project page for more information!

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