Fabio Carrasco, CEO of Miniclean: “What we do is reuse instead of recycling”.

Two weeks ago, we introduced you to Miniclean, a project that has entered our alternative investment platform with strength and in clear consonance with our commitment to ESG values. In that article, we discussed the main strengths and opportunities of the project. However, why not learn more about them directly from Fabio Carrasco? A few weeks ago, Miniclean’s CEO attended the TV program Negocios de Carne y Hueso, where he gave some keys to why Miniclean promises to revolutionize the cleaning products sector.

The project

At the start of the interview, Fabio had the opportunity to present the project. “Miniclean consists of water-soluble capsules of ultra-concentrated cleaning products. Most cleaning products are composed of 90-95% water. We have reformulated these products, removed the water, and obtained these capsules, which are equivalent to a reference bottle of any cleaning product. Any tap water in the world, which we all have at home, is valid. We thus avoid transporting bottles full of water or air.

Miniclean is a very ambitious project that promises to accelerate the sustainability process by eliminating the consumption of plastics and reusing instead of recycling. In addition, it offers a series of advantages such as saving storage space and reduced prices. In other words, every time your cleaning product runs out, you will no longer have to pay for the bottle, the gun, and the label that constitute a cleaning product”, he stated.

A simple but innovative idea

In our article on Miniclean, we already mentioned how surprising it is that an apparently simple idea is a pioneer in the cleaning industry. Fabio states the main reason: “Other cleaning companies have known about this solution for a long time, but it’s not in their interest to give up selling three- or four-euro bottles for cent capsules.”

Miniclean is a new project, but it is developed by the Siempre Clean Group, with more than a decade in the sector. Fabio also talked about the history of the Group and how the idea for Miniclean was born: “We have actually been manufacturing sanitary products for 16 years. Among them are the famous hydroalcoholic gels. In the search for sustainable and recycled packaging, my marketing manager saw something similar. From that moment on, we threw ourselves 100% into developing this project”.

Miniclean is the perfect storm at the perfect time since, as Fabio explained, the market trend has been toward sustainability in the last two years. Now, the main challenge facing the project is to convince. “This is an innovation, but the market has to accept these innovations. That is the change. It’s a change in consumption habits, which is the hardest thing to bring about in a market.”

Round with Fellow Funders

How to convince the market? As always, advertising will be decisive for the success of Miniclean. It is one of the protagonists of the funding round that Mario also spoke about. “The first thing is to thank Fellow Funders. They are the ones who have really encouraged us to take this leap in our project. We opened a first funding round of 1.5 million euros, of which we will allocate more than 50% to publicize the product and advertising“.

Fabio also ventured to talk about the future and possible lines of expansion. “The objective is to start with this range of products, although we can make any type of product in this format. We are developing soaps, shampoos… We have been contracted by a French multinational to manufacture their products in this format”.

To end the interview, Mariló Sánchez-Fuentes, the program’s host, invited Fabio to appeal to investors and explain the reasons for investing in Miniclean. The company’s CEO was clear: “We hope that, with Fellow Funders, investors will recover and – undoubtedly – multiply their investment many times over. And that in the end, we all help a little because, with this project, we have the opportunity to accelerate this process of sustainability.”

Invest in Miniclean now!

Fabio has it clear, and so do we. Miniclean has arrived on our platform and on the market to double the more than necessary commitment to sustainability. After all, recycling is not enough, and the kilometers of plastic islands that populate our oceans are proof of that. It is necessary to reuse, and Fabio’s team has managed to develop a product that combines sustainability and attractive potential returns for investors. So, we encourage you to watch the interview (you have the full program available on Youtube) to learn about the project and invest through our platform!

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