Are you joining Earth Hour?

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This Saturday, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., Earth Hour will be once again celebrated. A 15-year-old initiative that encourages people and companies to turn off lights and non-essential electrical appliances for only one hour. Its goal? To raise awareness of the need for urgent action against climate change.

Fellow Funders welcomes this initiative with open arms. Environmental sustainability requires small personal gestures, just like this initiative proposed by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). However, besides our activity as individuals, we can also contribute to environmental change as legal entities. For this reason, we want to invite you to take on a small challenge today, no strings attached. Given that we dedicate one hour of the 8,760 hours of the year to raising awareness about climate change, why don’t we use those 60 minutes to learn about some of the initiatives to reverse the pollution curve? It is crucial to be aware of the problem, but isn’t it more important to have solutions?

Meet our most sustainable projects

Fellow Funders is committed to some of these projects. Despite our commitment to ESG values, we understand that we are only a small part of the change. We invite you to dedicate a couple of minutes to get to know each of these five projects we are introducing today. Whatever you do with the rest of the hour is up to you… And the planet!

La Más Mona. Do you know that about 70% of the clothes in our closets are never worn? And what is more, do you know that more than 60% of manufactured clothes end up in a landfill? In 2012, La Más Mona launched a clothing rental service to help end this problem. Customers can now rent clothing from the best designers and attend events wearing the best outfits. Thanks to this initiative, people can choose between paying for one use rather than the product. Maybe it’s time to downsize our closet, don’t you think?

EasyCharger. Have you ever considered buying an electric car? No doubt you’ve wondered, “Where do I charge it?” EasyCharger makes it simple. The company’s goal is transparent and ambitious: to allow drivers of electric cars to self-supply as easily as a gasoline-powered car. There are already dozens of EasyCharger charging points distributed throughout Spain. Are you ready to switch to electric mobility?

Simply Solar. Still doubting about electric charging? Simply Solar’s project will help you to clear your mind. This company has developed photovoltaic parking lots to protect your car from the sun. In other words, the sunlight does not impact the vehicles but charges them thanks to the solar panels on the roof that delivers energy to a charging point where users can recharge their electric vehicles. As a result, neither your car nor the planet is overheated. It’s a win-win situation, right?

Full&Fast. Founded in 2017, this company specializes in the design, manufacture, and commercialization of energy accumulators that replace traditional engine and diesel generators. Its main activity is focused on developing mobile chargers capable of powering electric vehicles

MiniClean. Enough about sustainable mobility. How can we contribute to sustainability from home? 90-95% of cleaning products are made of water, and tons of plastic are generated by these cleaning bottles. However, you can do your bit. MiniClean has the solution. MiniClean has developed water-soluble capsules that eliminate plastic from the formula. Cleaning with MiniClean is as simple as filling a bottle with tap water and dissolving a MiniClean capsule. Convenient, simple, and sustainable. Don’t you think so?

You are already part of the solution!

Five projects, five solutions for the planet. Our contribution to Earth Hour has reached the end, but don’t stop here! We invite you to investigate and learn about some of the thousands of projects that show us that change is possible. Who knows, maybe you are the next one to develop an innovative and environmentally friendly solution! In any case, the most important thing is to raise awareness. Now that you’ve taken a few minutes to learn about these projects, you’re already part of the solution!

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