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Are you the founder of a technology-based startup founded in Spain in the last five years? Do you have a consolidated solution, a validated MVP, and first customer metrics? Does your startup fit in the banking, insurance, telecommunications, industry 4.0, energy, health, retail, or tourism sectors? Is your business model B2B or B2B2C? Is it scalable? If your answer to all these questions is yes, you cannot miss the FI Boost acceleration program!

The corporate equity-free acceleration program, organized by FI Group, is looking for startups to participate in the 2022 edition from April 1st until June 17th. Register here to participate!

Unique acceleration opportunities

How does this acceleration program work? The selected startups will enjoy a five-month training and twelve-month market access. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to participate in a series of events organized by FI Group, where you will have the chance to present your project to investors, companies, and public organizations. Still haven’t joined the program?

If you still haven’t done it yet, you are probably wondering about the selection process and its subsequent acceleration process. Fellow Funders encourages entrepreneurs to take advantage of every accelerator opportunity that comes their way. You never know where to find a “runway” for your business! Understanding the selection and acceleration process can help you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Once the registration period has ended, the ten finalist startups will be announced during the second half of June. These ten companies will present their projects at StartupDay on July 13 to a selection committee that will select the five winning projects, all of which will become part of FI Boost 2022. 

Access to a unique network of clients

If your startup is selected, you will have access to (among others) a market composed of 4,000 national and 18,000 international FI Group customers! You will also have access to the best mentors, a funding roadmap, access to external investors, workspaces, etc.

Regarding the post-selection period, the acceleration process will be from September 26 (2022) to April 24 (2023). The B2B lead generation period will also open on September 26 (2022) but will be extended to September 26 next year. 

DemoDay, “the icing on the cake.”

This process will be topped by the star event: the DemoDay! During this day, the founders of the five winning startups will have the opportunity to present their projects in person in front of an audience of investors, entrepreneurs in the sector, public bodies, and people linked to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In any case, if you want to read all the conditions of participation in more detail, the rules published on the FI Boost website will be attached.

Fellow Funders is committed to the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem. Therefore, we couldn’t leave our entrepreneurial community without knowing an acceleration program that we consider very beneficial! We recommend that you visit their website and fill out the registration form. If you meet the requirements to participate in it, don’t hesitate, it’s time to accelerate your startup! 

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