Pozuelo Development: Fellow Funders Real Estate confirms its presence in the major markets

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Bullfighting has a series of ranks and milestones that mark the bullfighter’s trajectory. If bullfighters can demonstrate their talent as apprentices, they will consolidate their professional careers as bullfighters. However, bullfighters will always have an eye on the confirmation in one of the great bullfighting arenas, marked by a much more knowledgeable and demanding public (see Madrid’s Plaza de Las Ventas).

After this anecdote, we are proud to announce that Fellow Funders Real Estate has been working in the real estate sector for more than a year. Like in the bullfighting world, we surpassed our beginner’s level and arrived at the professional one. Our company has been able to raise more than six million euros in seven projects of different types and different developers.

2022: a turning point

After four house-flipping projects in some of the most famous areas of Madrid, we had the opportunity to go “alternative” to one of the most sought-after developments in our country, Sotogrande, in 2022. Although this was the first time we had financed a development project, we managed, once again, to reach a record figure of nearly two million euros.

Today, we would like to announce the confirmation of Fellow Funders Real Estate in the major Spanish real estate markets. After developing Sotogrande, we are pleased to open a new funding round for a new development, construction, and commercialization project in a prime area: Pozuelo de Alarcón, the municipality with the highest per capita income in Spain. This new project is being developed by a new developer with an experienced team in the sector.

15% annualized profitability

The project, which will consist of the construction of two luxury villas, has an estimated profitability of 39.2 % and an estimated return period of 28 months, resulting in an estimated annualized profitability of 15.2 %. The investment round amounts to €600,000. As in previous funding rounds, the investors will own the majority of the shares of the SPV (created for this project). Once the villas are built, the profits derived from their sale will be distributed among the investors.

Regarding the project stages, we expect to acquire the site in July, coinciding with the closing of the equity crowdfunding round. The licensing period will then last approximately one year. Therefore, construction is expected to begin in July of next year. By July 2024, the construction work will be completed. By November of the same year, the property will be delivered to the buyers, and the exit for investors will take place. 

Join the project!

Fellow Funders Real Estate arrives in Pozuelo de Alarcón and aims to reach the seven million euros of accumulated fundraising and confirm itself as one of the reference brands of alternative financing in the Spanish real estate market. All this, as always, is hand in hand with the best “crew”. None other than each one of you who make up our investors. Do you want to join us in this promising real estate project? Invest now through our platform!

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