Football Blast: a video game for champions

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This Saturday hosts the final of the Champions League, concluding the 2021-22 soccer season. Once the next European champion has been crowned, European soccer will enter a vacation period. More than a few fans will be jumping up and down until the season kicks off again in mid-August. But soccer is not stopping; it is simply changing the medium.

The king of sports is leaving the grass of the stadiums to settle on our smartphone screens. Fellow Funders invites you to mark the month of July on your calendar. This month will witness the global launch of “Football Blast”.

Soccer, cards, and strategy

So, what is Football Blast? Football Blast, already available on Google Play and the App Store in the first phase of gameplay testing, aims to be the ultimate combination of soccer and strategy. With Football Blast, players will become the coach of their team, choosing the most defensive or offensive player cards to score more goals than their opponents. The game format emulates the famous Clash Royale, however, the goal here is not to destroy towers but to score goals.

For the successful achievement of this objective, the game will count on the best players on the continent. Corner Blast (the videogame developer) aims to partner with the best European clubs. Each club will have its own application. However, users will also have the opportunity to compete with users representing other clubs online.

A luxury partner

What better way to launch this video game than with one of the finalists of this Champions League edition and the team with the most European Cups! Indeed, we are talking about Real Madrid, the protagonist of the Corner Blast’s first application.

No better way to seek a partnership with Europe’s top teams than by partnering with the most successful European club. Football Blast players can now play with Courtois, Alaba, Modric, Vinicius, Benzema…

With Football Blast, everybody wins. But what do Corner Blast and its investors win? How does the company expect to monetize?

We must remind you that, until the global launch in July, Football Blast’s revenues are zero. It will be from summer onwards when it starts to be monetized through gems. As in many other games with similar features (Clash Royale), users will have to pay to access certain game features, speed up the opening of chests, improve levels… Moreover, the application is ready to incorporate ads, a new way of monetization.

Three sectors on the rise

Football Blast is targeting several booming sectors. Firstly, mobile. The mobile phone industry had an average penetration of 127.2 mobile devices per 100 people in 2020. Secondly, the video game industry. This industry is estimated to have a compound annual growth rate of 8.7% from 2019 to 2024.

Last but not least is the streaming sector. A large part of Football Blast’s success depends on attracting the interest of major streamers. If it succeeds, the game could even acquire the status of an eSport and earn extra revenue from competitions or broadcasts.

Large growth margins

Football Blast is a binary project. There are two scenarios. Either it fails to arouse interest in the market or, on the contrary, it manages to position itself as one of the apps (and who knows if eSports) of reference. In the latter case, the project’s growth would be exponential and translate into substantial profits.

Although it is impossible to predict whether Football Blast will succeed in the market, two factors inspire optimism. One is its foreseeable ability to attract top-level clubs with a large fan base. Not surprisingly, they have already succeeded in incorporating Real Madrid as a partner. Second, the management team is made up of professionals with many years of experience in the world of video games. For example, one only needs to look at the CV of its CEO, Javier Busto, former Director of Electronic Arts and developer of the legendary FIFA, or Fabio Florencio, the game designer who participated in booms such as Angry Birds.

Invest now in Football Blast!

Football Blast is not another game among the hundreds that come to our smartphones. It is a video game for champions. Real Madrid has not been the only one seduced by it. Fellow Funders had no doubt about the vast potential of the project. For this reason, we have opened a funding round on our platform to help Corner Blast raise new funds for the global game launch and to incorporate new top European clubs. Do you want to invest in the video game of champions? Invest now through our platform

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