Soccer, eSports and alternative financing: the magic triangle

The triangle is a curious geometric figure. Although it is the simplest, it turns out to be the most rigid. It is true. Try to deform a billiard triangle or any other trilateral figure that you have at home. Today, we will discuss a magic triangle composed of three perfectly united vertices that benefit from their relationship: soccer, eSports, and alternative financing.

What is their relationship? One might say that, a few years ago, there was none. While alternative financing was a foreign element to both eSports and sports, eSports seemed to be portrayed as an antagonistic figure to traditional sports such as soccer. What was once a dead-end “Bermuda triangle” is now one of the trendy symbioses in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Fan tokens and equity crowdfunding

Regarding the first two of the above, there is a surprisingly large list of soccer players who are betting on investing in eSports clubs and football clubs with their own eSports section. The relationship between soccer and alternative financing channels has also increased exponentially. One only has to look at the recent signing by PSG of Messi, whose contract included fan tokens from the Parisian club, or the recent commitment by soccer clubs to go out to alternative listed markets.

Regarding the relationship between eSports and alternative financing, the Fellow Funders platform is proud to say that we paved the way for this ambitious and forward-looking pairing. Thanks to our platform, Wygers became the first eSports club to be funded through an equity crowdfunding round in 2020. We repeated the experience a year later, accumulating more than €900,000 with both funding rounds. It is worth mentioning the participation of two international South American soccer players: Pablo Aimar and Jonathan Urretaviscaya. Both players have become ambassadors of Wygers in its expansion into Latin America.

Fellow Funders, Wygers’ new sponsor

Fellow Funders will be the sponsor of the eSports club until mid-2023! This sponsorship will allow our company to participate in all the events the club will attend next year. We will also carry out different actions that will make us known among the gamer community.

This sponsorship only confirms our commitment to eSports. We are currently carrying out a funding round for a new smartphone game on our platform: Football Blast. In the future, this game could become an eSport if it attracts gamers. Our fruitful relationship with Wygers will surely contribute to its success.

As its name suggests, Football Blast is a game closely related to the king of sports. It is a combination of football and famous strategy games such as Clash Royale. Its first version is developed in collaboration with Real Madrid. However, the game will eventually feature some of the most successful teams in European soccer. Once again, the three corners of the triangle join forces to launch a benchmark game on the market.

A new paradigm

What do a goal, a console, and an alternative investment portfolio have in common? Sounds like a joke, but it’s not. It is a new fashionable paradigm in the entrepreneurial ecosystem: incompatible sectors such as soccer, eSports, and alternative financing. The paradigm of the magic triangle. 

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