Every Funder Needs a Fellow

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We, Fellow Funders, launched our first macro-marketing campaign. Our aim focuses on bringing investors closer to the world of investments, making it easier to invest in companies, real estate, photovoltaic or agricultural projects from our app.

Its storytelling is “Every Funder needs a Fellow.“. The idea is to highlight the importance of having a partner, in this case, an investor. Fellow Funders brings together investors and promoters in different sessions where they can interact and allows investors to consult with these entrepreneurs for any questions about the project in the investment room. As a result, we offer the opportunity to invest in different products that will improve people’s lives. Fellow Funders’ platform is plural and allows investing in a wide variety of projects, from a housing development in Sotogrande to an ecological farm of almond trees in Pedro Muñoz (Ciudad Real) and an exoskeletons biotechnology company.

The campaign includes a lead video, pills about each investment product and a billboard on Santa Engracia and Ríos Rosas in Madrid. We had twenty jets with ten different copies in the Madrid Metro for one week. Likewise, we also have a billboard on the M-30 highway claiming “Fellow, investment opportunities for Funders” that will remain in place until the end of the summer. The campaign has also been activated digitally: ads on Google, native and RRSS, specialized media, influencers, and Twitch.

The entire campaign has been carried out in-house by our marketing team, led by our visual designer: Sergio Cerro.

Core video

Crowd Investment

Real Estate


M-30 fence



Fact Sheet

  • Advertiser: Fellow Funders
  • Sector: Financial
  • Campaign: Every Funder needs a Fellow
  • Creative Agency: Fellow Funders
  • Creative Director: Sergio Cerro
  • Media Agency: La estrategia de la Abuela
  • Video voice-over: Jose Peciña
  • Launch Date: 15th June 2022

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