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On the 30th of June, the dreaded closing of the Income Tax Campaign took place. At the same time, we reached the halfway point of the 2022 tax year. After fulfilling our obligations generated with the tax authorities during 2021, we need to focus on the remaining part of the year and the alternatives that will reduce the impact of next 30th of June on our pockets. Fortunately, we can “redirect” a significant percentage of this tax to ourselves… Choosing alternative investment!

28,200 euros of savings!

Do you know that you can save up to €28,200 in annual contributions by investing in newly created companies? However, it is necessary to make a minimum investment of €94,000 and to be in the highest contribution bracket to reach this figure. The current regulations require tax deductions of 30% of the investment in quota for a maximum taxable base of €60,000. In any case, you can start earning money from the beginning of the investment!

For the deduction to apply, you must meet a series of conditions. This tax incentive understands a newly created company as a company less than three years old or with less than €400,000 of equity at the time of the investment. In addition, the entity must develop economic activities. Moreover,  the investment must be maintained for a minimum period of three years. If you want to know more about these conditions, take a look at our Tax Incentives Guide.

Agroalmendros ECO, a rewarding investment

Fellow Funders has grown considerably in the last few years. In our origins, all our rounds were a seed, so invested companies offered these tax incentives. Nowadays, since we do more Series A rounds and real estate projects, it is not as common to find these incentives on our platform. However, there are still investment opportunities that will help you “take joy” next June on our platform. Agroalmendros ECO is the latest example. To find out if a round on our platform offers tax incentives, look for the scissors icon above the word “tax.”.

We are, in any case, waiting for the new Startup Law. Its Draft Bill was approved by the Council of Ministers last December. According to this draft, the maximum age of the invested startups is increased to five years (seven for some sectors). Likewise, the deduction in quota amounts to 50%, and the taxable base rises to €100,000. Therefore, an autonomous community with the standard rate can save up to €47,000!

Choose alternative investments!

Fellow Funders is firmly committed to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the investment community. Is there a better investment than one that provides you with tax savings and benefits by helping entrepreneurs grow? Don’t hesitate and choose alternative investments! 

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