Foodcoin and Hovering Solutions: the startups of the summer

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Friday, August 19. Almost unnoticed, we moved from the San Juan bonfires to the Ferragosto fireworks (especially famous in Italy), bringing us to the final stretch of the summer. This summer will be remembered for its heat waves and the song of the summer, as in previous years.

Two highlighted startups by El Referente

Even though there is plenty of room for debate, our intention today is not to share our favorite summer song (though our newsletters never fail to share our “hits” of the week). No, we want to talk about two startups that have very little to do with the music industry, yet they are at the top of the summer charts.

It’s not our decision. The prestigious media El Referente regularly compiles lists of the fifteen most promising startups in different sectors. Fellow Funders is proud to announce that two of the companies we are currently funding are among the chosen ones!

Foodcoin: success is not final

A month ago, we discussed one of these companies: Foodcoin. Whenever we talk about this company, we can’t help but smile. For us, Ricardo Marín and his team are not just our clients; they are friends who share many of our values. They are on their way to revolutionizing the hospitality industry thanks to the first token that gives customers exclusive discounts at bars in the network!

In May, El Referente selected Foodcoin as one of the fifteen most promising startups in the food-tech sector. As we said before, Foodcoin’s team shares many values with us. One of our main slogans is the famous Churchill’s quote: “Success is never final”. That is why the company has continued working these past months, recently launching a second funding round with our team to continue developing an app that, we are sure, will be at the top of all lists.

Despite its early age, it is not the first time Foodcoin has been recognized for its business idea. The company has been a finalist in several competitions such as the “Horeca New Business Model Awards 2022” or “The Alimentaria Hub 2022“. The startup has already closed deals with relevant restaurant brands such as Volapié, Papizza, and Alamar Foods (owner of Dunkin and Domino’s). Its future is more than promising, which is no coincidence that it appears on the prestigious list compiled by El Referente.

Hovering: approaching the drone industry in Spain

This other startup, Hovering Solutions, has little to do with Foodcoin except for its journey through our platform and a common ambition: to reach the top. Last Friday, El Referente selected Hovering Solutions as one of the fifteen most promising startups in the aerospace sector

This project, led by Fran Espada, has special merit, considering that, as El Referente explains, the aerospace world has historically represented a concept and place quite distant from the Spanish market. Hovering Solutions provides companies with subway mapping services using unique drones the company designed itself. This way, the company prevents people from undertaking revision and maintenance tasks, often involving a danger to their physical integrity. 

If previously we talked about the notoriety of Foodcoin’s clients, Hovering Solutions’ clients are not far behind either. Companies such as Iberdrola, Endesa, or Canal de Isabel II already rely on Hovering drones. They not only avoid occupational hazards but also improve the scope and speed of the inspection of their subway facilities.

Invest in Foodcoin and Hovering Solutions!

Fellow Funders would like to congratulate Foodcoin and Hovering Solutions for these crucial milestones! What’s more, we are confident that their success will not remain simply as the startups of the summer. The room for growth of both companies is still very wide. We are sure we will celebrate even bigger successes with them. Do you want to celebrate them too? Invest in Foodcoin and Hovering Solutions through our platform! 

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