Gijón and Alicante: Fellow Funders Real Estate’s new signings

Fellow Funders Real Estate is adding two more cities to its map! At the beginning of the year, we announced we were leaving Madrid to develop a property on the Costa del Sol for the first time. Today, we want to announce two new signings within our platform. Similar to our first outside project, these developments are located in our northern and east coastal municipalities. In other words, Gijón and Alicante! Both are famous for their beaches! 

The Reconquista Project

Let’s start with the Cantabrian coast. Asturias is famous for its cider, beaches, and its history of the Reconquest of the Peninsula by the Christian kingdoms. This development is situated in the center of Gijón, in the very street that honors this historical fact. For this reason, we have coined this project the Reconquista Project

This project will consist of acquiring and demolishing a building to construct a new building for eleven homes with a storage room, garage, and commercial premises. The apartments will range from 55 to 100 square meters and include spacious interiors, large windows, and a terrace.

Once again, Fellow Funders Real Estate will carry out this real estate project hand in hand with a development company with an extensive track record: Asprusa, a developer specializing in renovations, refurbishments, and developments, is looking for a target capital of 580,000 € to green light a very interesting project in a highly demanded area.

House Flipping Alicante

Fellow Funders Real Estate feels confident about this investment opportunity. However, if your goal is an earlier return project, let us tell you about a house-flipping project that is due to be completed before the end of 2023! In this case, the project is located on the Mediterranean coast in the municipality of Alicante. This city is known for its attractive beaches, such as San Juan, or the bonfires that kick off the summer period.

Most of our Fellowers are probably familiar with house flipping, given that we have been giving it great prominence both on the blog and the platform in recent months. Up to seven projects of these characteristics have been financed. Thanks to V7concept, we are now heading for our eighth. This business group offers multiple options for investment, development, architectural design, and the acquisition and sale of avant-garde real estate.

One-year returns

V7concept aims to raise a capital of €365,000 through our platform to segregate and transform premises into four houses. All the houses will be 56 square meters, exterior and loft style. Similar to the Reconquista Project, this building is located in the center of the city, in the Campoamor neighborhood.

One of the main attractions of the project is the speed of the returns, expected to occur in twelve months. It is worth remembering that Fellow Funders Real Estate always forecasts these returns in moderate scenarios. However, this period could always be extended. According to our agreement with the developers, it would mean higher returns for the investors.

Fellow Funders will attend the Salón Inmobiliario!

Gijón and Alicante, two cities on unconnected coasts, have something in common: both are now part of the Fellow Funders Real Estate team! We are very proud of our real estate division’s growth, as reflected in our participation in more and more prestigious events in the real estate world. Moreover, we would also like to announce that we will be at the Salón Inmobiliario (Real Estate Exhibition)! The event will take place at IFEMA next November.

Throughout our experience in the market, we have grown thanks to great signings in all areas. Our team, the list of developers with whom we collaborate, our portfolio of projects, and, without a doubt, our community of investors, without whom all this growth would not have been possible. Would you like to invest in your future by building the future of others? Visit our website and discover all our real estate investment opportunities!

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