Sustainable and affordable: the future of energy

In its Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 7, the United Nations advocates the need to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all. Let’s discover what these characteristics mean and what the future of energy is.

Affordable, reliable energy…

More than 1.2 billion people live without electricity. Therefore, one of the principal challenges defined by this SDG is to ensure electricity supply for all people, regardless of their economic or geographic situation. To this end, it is estimated that the world must triple its annual investment in infrastructure by 2030.

Accessibility, however, has a dual dimension. It is not just a question of bringing energy to everyone but also of making it available everywhere, from a construction site to a desert area or to any convention or sporting event. However, this process requires the design of portable energy storage systems that bring energy to places where conventional grids do not reach.

The energy must be affordable but also reliable. It is necessary to have an efficient and stable power grid that provides adequate power to meet energy demands at all times.

… sustainable and modern

What about the sources of energy? They must be sustainable, i.e., their long-term use must be compatible with available resources. Examples of sustainable energy include wind, solar, and biomass. SDG 7 advocates among its targets that by 2030 the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix should increase significantly.

This goal, in particular, has led to a proliferation of subsidies and companies aimed at sustainable energy generation in recent years. The clearest example of this paradigm shift is the European Next Generation funds, which are largely aimed at promoting the generation and consumption of renewable energy. Fellow Funders has already helped finance companies in this field, such as EasyCharger/ZUNDER, Simply Solar, or full&fast.

Modern energy is understood as an energy that drives economic growth and human progress, with electricity being the greatest exponent of this. However, the modernity of energy is not enough to achieve this goal. Many roads lead to Rome (in this case to electricity) but not all in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Therefore, SDG 7 recommends the generation of electricity based on renewable sources.

full&fast brings you a second investment opportunity…

full&fast is a pioneering company that offers sustainable and accessible solutions in the energy sector. The company is willing to continue growing thanks to its second funding round through our platform, Fellow Funders Crowd Investment, with a target of €400,000. In its first round, the company, dedicated to developing portable (green) energy storage systems, reached an overfunding of 125%, which meant raising €375,000.

Fellow Funders believes in this fantastic investment opportunity, not only because the company succeeded in its first round but also because of our conviction in a sustainable and accessible energy future. For more information, visit the full&fast round page

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