The call for entries for the EmprendeXXI Awards has been extended

CaixaBank presents this year’s 16th edition of the EmprendeXXI Awards through Day One and the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism. These awards are dedicated to recognizing the work of the most innovative startups that generated the greatest impact in recent years.

The deadline for registration has been extended until 15th December. The principal requirements to participate are to have a technological base in Spain or Portugal and to be less than three years old. Startups can register through its website.

Requirements for participation

On the one hand, it is necessary for the company to be incorporated as a legal entity with a profit motive (either as a Public Limited Company, Limited Company, Labor Company, or Cooperative Civil Society) and to have its tax domicile in Spain or Portugal. On the other hand, the company must have been created as of January 1, 2019.

Moreover, the founding partners must have a majority shareholding, and their main professional activity must be within the company. Finally, start-ups must have a technological and digital base, strong growth potential, and an innovative business model.

Self-employed and “major companies ” (considered as such by the European Commission) are excluded from participating in these awards. These awards aim to promote entrepreneurship. For this reason, participants must be companies just starting or have been in business for a short period.


This year, there will be 19 awards for start-ups and high-impact companies from Spain and Portugal. The prizes will be in cash, receiving the winners a total of 6,000 euros. Out of the 19 prizes to be awarded, 17 correspond to Spain (one per autonomous community) and two to Portugal (one for the north-central area and the other for Lisbon-south and islands).

Beyond these categories, awards will be given to companies from any territory with proposals to solve current challenges for the organization and society. Those companies that meet these requirements will receive a cash prize of 20,000 euros. To learn more about the 16th Edition of the EmprendeXXI Awards, access the complete legal bases. There you will find all the information you must consider for your candidacy to be valid and be able to participate. You can register through the website, where you will find all the information about awards, requirements, types of awards, previous winners, and the dates of this edition.

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