Top events for entrepreneurs in Spain in 2023

The entrepreneurship ecosystem, innovation-based and disruptive business models, or in other words, startups, is attracting investment with record figures in terms of operations in 2021 and 2022, especially in terms of the volume of capital injected. It is reflected in the increasing creation of startups and the more mature investment market that supports these companies with larger funding rounds.

Evolution of venture capital investment

Source: Observatorio de startups

Spain is the fourth European country with the highest number of startups, and the rate of entrepreneurial activity (APR) is 5.2%. According to the GEM Spain report, 7% of the active population of our country plans to start a business.

Several events are held in Spain to boost entrepreneurship and foster innovation and disruption every year. This article presents some of the most important events planned for 2023 that you should mark in your agenda.

Madblue Impact Global Summit

Madrid: April 25 and 26.

Its main objective is to discover the most innovative solutions to impact our environment and society. Madblue Impact Global Summit is the meeting point for startups, investment funds, cutting-edge innovation companies, organizations, and international speakers focused on developing solutions to present and future challenges.

South Summit

Madrid: June 7, 8, and 9.

South Summit, powered by IE University, brings together the global entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem. Its main objective is to search for innovation to generate valuable connections and business opportunities between entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, institutions, and partnerships.

Alhambra Venture

Granada: June 4 and 5.

It is the most important entrepreneurship event in southern Spain. For the tenth consecutive year, Granada welcomes new startups to connect, create synergies, and obtain funding to promote their projects. During these years, more than 250 startups have passed through the event. Thanks to the event, 24% of them have obtained funding.

Startup Olé

Salamanca: September 4 to 7.

The event is conceived as a forum for investors and partnerships, for Castilla y León European Innovation Valley, and universities. It is the largest innovation and entrepreneurship fair in Spain and Europe. Great speakers will take part in round tables, talks, a startup fair, pitch competitions, and matchmaking and networking activities.

Al Andalus Innovation Venture

Seville: September 26-27.

Al Andalus Innovation Venture becomes the meeting point for scaleups, venture capitals, open innovation, and startups in southern Spain for the second consecutive year. The event will include networking activities.

Smart Agrifood Summit

Seville: September 28-29.

European-level meeting point for the agrotech and food-tech sector. Smart Agrifood Summit aims to improve the competitiveness of European agriculture and agribusiness by promoting internationalization and innovative companies.

Grex World Congress

IFEMA, Madrid: October 4 and 5.

Grex World Congress is the benchmark event for artificial intelligence, robotics, IoT, XR, and the industrial metaverse. It generates leads and business opportunities with the most relevant companies in the Industry 4.0 sector and high-level professionals. Its strong commercial orientation makes it a showcase of innovation for leaders and companies. Suppliers, distributors, and potential customers meet here.

Zaragoza Startup Fest

Zaragoza: October 4 and 5.

Attendees to this event have access to talks and round tables where the quality and warmth of the speakers and activities are a priority. Its objective is to increase the level of the Aragonese ecosystem by attracting startups, investors, and innovative companies at a national level to promote dynamics and networking.


Bilbao: October 17 and 18.

It is the largest entrepreneurship congress in northern Spain. B-Venture offers an opportunity for startups to showcase their projects to investors and national corporations. The event features an extensive program of conferences and round tables, workshops, exhibitions, meetings, and networking tools to allow attendees to connect.

Tourism Innovation Summit

Seville: October 18-20.

This event on innovation, technology, and sustainability for the tourism sector features an exhibition showcasing the latest technology for SMEs and large travel and tourism organizations. There are also masterclasses specifically designed for each industry segment and professional profile.

Valencia Digital Summit

Valencia: October 26-27.

This event aims to show how technology, innovation, and digitalization are building, transforming, and impacting society, as well as their role in future social and economic challenges.

Tomorrow Mobility

Barcelona: from November 7 to 9.

Tomorrow Mobility, an international event, aims to promote the design and new models of sustainable urban mobility. It brings together leading international experts and more than 100 exhibiting companies to organize the future of mobility.

Smart City Expo World Congress

Barcelona & Online: November 7 to 9.

Smart City Expo World Congress is a benchmark event for the smart cities and mobility world. This program addresses tools and strategies that serve local governments, organizations, and citizens to ensure a better future.

Waykup Forum Murcia

Murcia: November 23-24.

It is a space to promote the latest trends in innovation and technology in which investors, startups, and national and international corporations coexist, providing access to funding, talent, and innovation.

You can find more information on the websites of each event, together with the calls to register your project or access ticket sales.

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