LATAM capital in Spanish bricks

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Latin American investment in the Spanish real estate sector offers an attractive alternative for investors looking to expand their portfolios and diversify in a stable and profitable real estate market.
Spain provides several benefits and opportunities for LATAM investors interested in investing in the European country’s real estate sector.

Some of the reasons why these investors find our country’s real estate sector an attractive target include:

  • After the 2008 financial crisis, the economic stability of Spain has improved substantially, which has created a favorable investment climate for investors from the other side of the Atlantic looking for safer and more profitable opportunities.
  • The historical, cultural, and language connections between many of the LATAM countries and Spain build a sense of familiarity and trust between where investors come from and the destination of their investments: the Spanish market, where their funds seek a return.
  • The fiscal framework and its associated benefits are also an important pole of attraction to date. The tax policy includes benefits for foreign investors, including tax exemptions and more lax regimes for real estate investment. These incentives can boost the capital investment decision towards the Spanish real estate sector.
  • The Spanish real estate sector has increased demand and prices in recent years and generated high-return opportunities for investors. Moreover, overseas investment allows Latin American investors to diversify their portfolios and reduce risk exposure by holding assets in different countries and markets. In short, investors can achieve two maxims that any investor needs: profitability and diversification.
  • The legal certainty and robustness of our solid financial system provide a stable legal context and a healthy financial system, offering security and protection to investors. Investors find this particularly attractive, as they may face more significant political, economic, or legal risks in their home countries.

Investors must be aware that investment decisions involve several factors, which may vary according to the individual circumstances of each investor.

Which Latin American countries invest most in Spanish real estate?

The most outstanding Latin American countries in terms of real estate investment in Spain are as follows.

  • Mexico. Mexican investors represent one of the most prominent groups in the Spanish real estate sector. Mexican companies and private investors have invested in homes, commercial premises, hotels, and other real estate assets in several Spanish cities, including Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.
  • Venezuela. Despite its economic situation, several Venezuelan investors have encountered investment opportunities in the Spanish real estate market. Venezuelan investment has focused mainly on high-end residential and commercial properties in cities like Madrid and Marbella.
  • Colombia. Colombian investors have participated in acquiring residential and commercial properties in some Spanish cities, including Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga.
  • Argentina. Despite the economic difficulties faced by Argentina in recent years, some investors have invested in properties in Spain. They have been interested in real estate assets in Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.
  • Chile. Chilean investors are also present in the Spanish real estate sector. They target various properties, including residential, commercial, and tourist properties.

Principal real estate investment typologies for LATAM

According to the interests and investment strategies of this type of Latin investor, investors tend to look for opportunities in different cities and segments of the Spanish real estate market. Therefore, among the primary real estate investment typologies that such investors have selected for their funds, here are the most relevant ones:

  • Residential. Latin American investors tend to acquire residential properties in Spain. They may invest in apartments, houses, or villas in urban or tourist areas. Many investors purchase properties for personal use or as a second home. Others acquire them only for investment purposes, such as long-term or vacation rentals.
  • Commercial. Commercial real estate is another attractive sector for Latin American investors in Spain. They invest in commercial premises, offices, and shopping centers. These investments are often backed by the potential to generate income through commercial rents. In recent times, there has also been an increase in the change of use of this asset class, converting premises into residential properties for both long and short stays.
  • Tourism. Spain is an important tourist destination. For this reason, many Latin American investors are taking advantage of this opportunity by investing in real estate related to this sector, including hotels, resorts, tourist apartments, other types of accommodation for tourists, or properties for the hotel industry.
  • Real estate developments. Some Latin American investors are involved in real estate development projects in Spain. This type of investment may entail partnering with local developers or investing in new residential, commercial, or mixed-use projects.

To conclude, Latin American investors have landed in the Spanish real estate sector and are here to stay. Long-term forecasts predict that foreign capital participation in the Spanish real estate sector, especially from LATAM, will continue to increase over time.

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