A green zebra in my investment portfolio!

We talked about gazelles, camels, cockroaches and unicorns, among others. However, this time, we want to introduce the new species that we believe will soon populate our ecosystem: the green zebras.

Prefabricated homes: the emerging model of take-away homes

A prefabricated house is a complete house that is made up of different sections assembled in factories. On the other hand, a modular house is a house that is built (both structure and enclosures) in modules, in a factory or workshop.

eSports: more than sports

We live in an increasingly virtual society. This trend has most recently affected the world of sports. In recent years, the market has seen a sector that was previously virtually unknown burst onto the scene with great force: the esports.

House flipping: watering real estate bears fruit

We all aspire to live in the ideal house. A cozy, comfortable, well-decorated place… However, not all of us are willing or have the time to buy a property and transform it. Construction, furnishing, painting…

World Earth Day: Another Curve to Flatten

The infection curve is not the only one that needs to be flattened. Planet Earth has been in convalescence under the passive gaze of humankind for decades and decades.

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