Neuropathic pain and the inability to live a fulfilling life

20% of European citizens suffer from some type of chronic pain, i.e. those that affect a person for a long period of time. The pain may even remain after the illness that caused it has been cured, gradually reducing the patient’s quality of life.

Without entrepreneurship, our world would be different!

At Fellow Funders we believe that entrepreneurship is a tool that allows us to make a dream come true. The basis of entrepreneurship is divided into two phases: the identification of a need that has not yet been solved and the transformation of a traditional product or service by adding an additional competitive advantage.

The runway, the Saviour of this crisis

 The runway, the Saviour of this crisis  A mastery of our company’s financial situation is essential, especially in the current crisis. Our CEO should ensure that the “company box” has not been run out of money. Therefore, there is a key metric to manage and control: Runaway.  This indicator refers to the time that our startup can “live” before running out of …

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Post-Covid food: how to let food become our best medicine

“Let the food be the medicine and medicine be the food” said Hippocrates, considered the “Father of Medicine”. The coronavirus has not only made us aware of the progress in vaccines and drugs but also made us interested in home-made and healthy food which allows us to decrease the risk factors related to this disease.

Thrive launches its 7th Accelerator Program for agri-food startups

Thrive, the top global accelerator in the agri-food technological industry and the most active investor in the sector, has opened an application process for its 7th Accelerator Program.  Thrive is looking for emerging agri-food / agriculture technological companies from any value chain area with a technology that led us to a more efficient, sustainable and safe future. The companies must be in …

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Telework has arrived. Will it stay?

The coronavirus crisis has made it necessary to promote teleworking, however, this way of working was already growing. More and more companies are sending their employees to work from home (either totally or partially) to avoid contagion during the working day.

The consequences of the virus do understand gender

Since the beginning of the pandemic, politicians have been at pains to proclaim that the coronavirus understands neither borders, nor races… nor genders. Although this statement is true from a health point of view, in the world of entrepreneurship it is being observed that the economic consequences are indeed varying according to gender.

Startup vs. traditional company: the coming of age

We could define a startup as an emerging company, with a high technological component, strong growth potential and an innovative idea behind it. Considering this definition, you can easily determine if a new business is a startup, but when does it cease to be a startup?

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