COVID-19 Special

Healthcare industry: a (new) appealing sector for investors

If we have to decide who is the “protagonist” for having performed remarkably well during this crisis, without any doubt, we’d choose the HEALTHCARE sector. This industry was recently used a as political weapon… It was used as a susceptible element and it underwent big cuts to save on public spending.

Investment in Start-ups remains stable in the first quarter of this year

Fundación Innovación Bankinter is committed to support the Spanish entrepreneurs. Therefore, they have created the Observatorio sobre el Ecosistema de Startups en España (Observatory on the Ecosystem of Startups in Spain) to act as a barometer of the entrepreneurial sphere within the economy. Likewise, it seeks to provide the entrepreneurs a tool of information and detection of useful trends.

Multiple initiatives to manufacture respirators from any corner of Spain… and the world.

The Covid-19 crisis has produced a lot of pain, but it has also boosted the solidarity of individuals and companies. Due to the current situation, the main challenge Healthcare is facing is to get more ventilators to help the most serious patients. Therefore, several experts have designed prototypes of ventilators to fight the current pandemic.

Let’s find a solution for the startups in Spain ASAP!

We have seen the that Spanish Government launched measures to ensure the liquidity of companies affected by COVID-19. In recent weeks they have focused mainly on freelancers, SMEs and large companies. However, thestartups in Spain have been forgotten… Once again!!!

Measures companies can take to mitigate the COVID-19 effects

For the last few months, we have lived a health crisis due to the COVID-19 that seems to develop into a global economic crisis. The lockdown has had a negative impact on the supply, the demand and the finance, the three fundamental pillars of the economy.

Let’s learn from the data… they save lives!

In 1854, data helped end the cholera epidemic in London. John Snow, a London doctor, succeeded in linking the distribution of cholera victims with the location of wells in the Soho area of London. Until then it was thought that cholera was spread by air.

Digital solutions to curb the COVID-19

The Spanish are facing the coronavirus with a barrage of solidarity initiatives to help those who need it most. We are living through something exceptional that has brought to light the most supportive face of the Spanish people, by setting up different initiatives.

Mothers: teleworking during quarantine

The University of València has carried out an investigation to know how the lockdown affects teleworking and reconciliation in family units. It confirms that women who telework and have children bear most of the stress of the lockdown due to the coronavirus.

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