Let´s save the Startups!

The Coronavirus has affected a big part of the business world, but specially small businesses that continue struggling every day to keep afloat and prevent their business from sinking.

This is how Startups Attempt to Maintain Liquidity

Cash is the king… now more than ever. After many years of record investment and abundance, the Spanish startup and technology sector is facing its major challenge in the last 10 years. A challenge in the form of a global pandemic, the coronavirus crisis, that has shut down the economy and threatens to seriously affect investment as well

EU-Startups Summit will be postponed until April 2021

The uncertainty amid the COVID-19 crisis has forced the EU-Startups organization cancel the event that hosts around 1,500 startups each year. The event was planned to be held on 28-29 May 2020 in Barcelona. But, it has now been moved to April 2021.

Startups are calling on national and European authorities to deal with the Covid-19 crisis

Europe’s entrepreneurial sector has been asking, both national and European authorities, to approve a specific aid scheme to alleviate the economic impacts of COVID-19 and to solve the current inequality they are facing. Since all the measures adopted to help SMES and freelancers out such as liquidity, basic supplies guaranteed, moratoriums or extraordinary loans, are insufficient.

Startups, COVID-19, and careful investors

Startups with innovative ideas or resources to face the pandemic could benefit from them. Raising funds is difficult enough in a healthy economic context, so what happens when global stock markets crash?

Is the Spanish startup ecosystem gaining strength?

A few days ago the Entrepreneurship Map, the annual report corresponding to the year 2019, was published. It was prepared by Spain Startup-South Summit and, through the analysis of the 1,720 startups submitted to the Startup Competition held within the South Summit Madrid 2019.

The importance of a good startup CEO

The first thing we do when a company comes to us for financing is having an interview with the CEO. Afterwards, we have a second interview with the entire management team of the company. Through these interviews we know how committed and involved they are with the project and if they are prepared to adapt to the circumstances.

10 Tips for Investing in “Headed” Startups

We are living an exciting moment and in our daily environment the old paradigms coexist with the new ones. In the current economic context there is a boom in entrepreneurship with the emergence of new disruptive business models based on technological advances and the acceleration of banking disintermediation.

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